An infernal informant or a constables pet?

I am having a mental breakdown over what to pick for the last making your name in ladybones road. I have cultivated relations with both hell and the constables (at a considerable expense to my connected urchins) and I have a hunch that one option will send my other down to zilch. Zero. Nada. Then there’s the fact that you need to be an infernal informant for certain professions, but helping the constables is 2.5 echoes cheaper. I don’t know what to pick!

If it’s just the echoes that bother you those 2.5 echoes could be gained back easily. Plus, if a career with hell sounds appealing I would go with hell. I chose that profession and the rewards were pretty good. The same as others monetarily speaking, but I found more uses for them. I don’t find connections with urchins to be all that useful but it’s still pretty nice to have them just in case.
edited by Psyche Labyrinth on 1/8/2016

Those choices will only zero out the opposing connection if you have less than 100 CP in the connection (which is equivalent to level 13 and 2/3 of a progress bar). If you’ve got 14 or higher, you won’t lose it all (but you may lose most of it). In any case, neither of those connections is particularly hard to get back – you can regain that amount in 4-7 actions on conflict cards – so I would consider what you want your character to do more than the long-term economic effects!

Similarly, you don’t need to be an Infernal Informant to become a a Trickster; even if you’re a Constable’s Pet, you can still gain that profession via the Urchins instead. The Infernal Informant option costs more, but you can earn some of that back in the Clathermont tattoo storyline if you haven’t done it yet.

I decided to go with the infernal informant option. getting connected constables has always been fairly easy, but will probably still take a bit. I decided to go all in on my connected with them and gained a bit of surface currency and other connected qualities, mainly rubbery men. I was going to lose most of it anyway. From the story side of things, I never really liked constables, I just ended up with a high connected stat with them. I focused more on trying to raise both my connected church and hell to high levels. I don’t know why I decided on that, it just seemed like a very interesting choice.

Directly after I made this decision, I gained a card and drew court and cell: the constables. Maybe it won’t take that long.