An idiot's guide to being stabbed... and candled.

Reading the FAQ and the comments on Knives and Candles is making my head spin, and isn’t really answering any of my questions. So taking a step back…

If, one were to hypothetically enter into such a immoral and inauspicious game, but one had no social contacts, would one be able to play? So far the stars are indicating &quotno&quot, but maybe I’m missing something.

And, if such a battle were ever possible, what exactly could one loose in such a game? Any and all items? Pets? Companions? Might one die suddenly and without warning?

And finally, assuming that one were to begin such a gruesome activity on a lark, with no real interest in killing or seeking fame, might there be interesting experiences to be had? Other than getting stabbed, I mean?

help me im become a ghost
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okay what the hell some weird forum bug rendered that almost illegible all of a sudden. I blame Mr Eaten, that waxy cur. whatever i’ll just repost it

If you don’t have any contacts on your SN list, then you won’t be able to play K&C, besides the very minor function of being able to stab NPCs. But that has very little usage overall, anyway.
Still, it’s not like adding contacts is a laborious or intensive task! You just click your username on the Storynexus bar up top, hit Edit your account, then type in the username of the person you want to add under the Contacts list. Storynexus friending isn’t a mutual affair: You can add people, and they’ll get no notification of it. If you scour the Knife and Candle threads, you’ll find plenty of forum users with signatures proclaiming their Storynexus ID or Fallen London username: either one works.

The only things you can lose in Knife and Candle are the things you actually obtain through it: you can lose iron and silver tokens, fancy knives and other such equipment: these can have useful bonuses outside of the Game of K&C, but nothing outside of K&C itself will be touched. Losing a battle will inflict a minor amount of wounds (1CP) but unless you’re on the brink of death it’s really a non-issue.

Interesting experiences… well, there’s the aforementioned unique items. The Knife of Lost Sky is relatively easy to obtain, and gives a Dangerous boost of +10, just as much as the best Dangerous weapon on sale at the Bazaar. The exceptionally rare Waxwail Knife gives +20: One of the best items in the game!
Plus, there’s plenty of cryptic lore to be had through conversation with the Committee of the Game and through inscriptions on the various rank medals. These inscriptions have been posted elsewhere, of course, as have most things, but they’re interesting little nuggets of information. Juicy, you might say.

The Game itself is currently split into two leagues: Iron and Moon. Iron’s the unpredictable simple league, where you can just amble up to someone and stab them, but they can do the same to you. Fights are quick and brutal. You strike via the medium of opportunity cards; 4-card lodgings, POSI cards and a few others.
Moon’s the slower, tactical strategic stabbing thing. Duels are an entirely consensual affair, so you can’t just get lightning stabbed out of nowhere. You take turns via a pinned storylet, until one or the other decides to strike. It’s a bit more complex than that, but I don’t really want to ramble on for another few thousand words about the intricacies of Gambits and whatnot.

If you stick with the Moon League, K&C is overall a rather non-distruptive activity, plus you can get reasonable monetary rewards through Sponsorship. If you’re in the Iron League, things are bound to be a bit more hectic, but if you aren’t an infamous and frequent stabber then it’s unlikely to be all that bad either way. Things have calmed down a bit on the K&C front a bit, I think, because while it used to be updated almost every second day it currently has had one update in the past three or so months. So maybe things aren’t quite as violent and frantic as they used to be.
I’m not entirely certain on that because i’ve been locked in a joke duel for about two months and i hardly expect the other party to make a move ever. But it’s fun! I can give you my word on that.
Unless you have some aversion to stabbing and/or being stabbed, in which case it might not be as fun. But this is Fallen London! Getting stabbed is about as inconvenient as an untied shoelace.
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This is exactly what I needed. Thank you!

I would like to add that:

  1. Don’t buy brass rings, it’s the only item worth echoes that can be taken away by an elusive attack

  2. Don’t play the iron league until you are POSI AND have at least one or two 4 card lodgings or you’ll find yourself stabbed repeatedly with no means of fighting back