An Eyeless Skull

I am so close to exploring the final ruin, however I require an eyeless skull. Does anyone happen to have one I could use? Perhaps does anyone know were I can reliably obtain one?[li][/li][li][/li][li]
edited by Jacob Kiner Elliott on 12/20/2013

You may find this thread most enlightening.

Essentially, wander about the Forgotten Quarter for a while, Looking for Curios or doing expeditions. I am also given to understand that you may request one from another player.

I have one,and I’d be very happy to part with it,but I’m not quite sure how.

If the person who wants one goes to Begin an Expedition in the Forgotten Quarter and they have no Skull; 60 supplies; the Route to he Nadir and Archaeologist 5 they can request one. So they need to add you as a contact.

thank you Circe. I’m Vanshikap in Fallen London if your interested.

Thanks for the offer but I’ve already opened the cave so don’t need another skull.

oh sorry,that was sort of unclear. I meant the OP,since he was the one asking:P but still,anyone in need of a skull feel free to ask.