An Experienced Zailor new ranks

I’ve noticed the level/description found on the Wiki are no longer accurate. In an attempt to correct it in a single go, I am seeking information here.

If doing so adds new information to this thread, please post your numerical level of An Experienced Zailor (you may need to put it on your mantle to check) and the title associated with it.

1: A Maritime Survivor
2-3: A Seasoned Captain
4-5: A Well-Known Navigator
6-21: A Zee-Voyager of Note
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A respectable Londoner doing its civic duty for the metropolis is always a marvellous sight !

I think I can humbly consider myself a Zee-Voyager of Note, and I am currently at level 6.

Is there any other way to check the numerical value? I can’t alter my mantelpiece for, er, reasons.

11: A Zee-Voyager of Note
2: A Seasoned Captain
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Police, you can always take to Zee and see what value you get at the end of the travel. But doing the travel only for that does not seem very interesting.

Thanks, Lemexis. I am planning a zee journey relatively soon, once I finish zubmarine building. I’ll post the result once it happens, but I’m a Zee Voyager of Note so it’s probably in the range already found.

12: A Zee-Voyager of Note

I wonder if they dropped “A Maritime Survivor” (previously 1-2) and spread the other titles out.

Rank 3 is &quotA Seasoned Captain&quot -

From the looks of it it rather looks like they just dropped the levels necessary for the higher quality level descriptions. Which is pretty reasonable, you never really needed to make many zee-journeys which rather did make the higher levels ones that no-one would typically see.

my main is a zee voyager of note, at level 8. that’s nice. i’ve been trying to get to that quality but it used to take a level of 10?
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20,21: A Zee-Voyager of Note

I suspect as soon as we get a brand-new captain to confirm Seasoned Captain at 1 we’ll be done. (I’ve updated the wiki assuming that to be the case; it can be changed if disproven)

Thank you everybody who contributed information, especially those who left things in their scrapbook for a bit so I could confirm.
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Might that be me?

An Explorer of the Unterzee The Captain Zailing the zeven zees.

… funny thing, on my mantle it does not even HAVE a number…

when somebody’s confirmed this, I can equip my book and jump myself +1 level.

No, that’s a different quality. We’re looking for An Experienced Zailor - the one under Circumstance right now.

ah, mine IS at zero, not in there at all.

Lets use the book and then over to my profile…

Nope, looks like a property that only exists because of equipment, cannot be put on my mantle.

Alas. Be sure to let us know once you’ve completed that first Zee trip. :)

[quote=Ben ]ah, mine IS at zero, not in there at all.

Lets use the book and then over to my profile…

Nope, looks like a property that only exists because of equipment, cannot be put on my mantle.[/quote]

Surely you have used that Swift Zee-Clipper of your at least once?

An Experienced Zailor is a quality increased by 1 CP every time you complete a voyage at zee (and is apparently increased by 1 level for equipping that fine book you have), I’d expect you to have a moderate rank hiding somewhere in your scrapbook.

I keep finding something more I should be doing, every time I get ready to go to zea.

I’ve been &quotreminded&quot about my box, for example…

So, indeed, never been out to zea…

Okay, book equiped, and it shows under circumstances.

An Experienced Zailor: A Maritime Survivor You’ve captained your own ship across the Unterzee. They speak your name with respect in the taverns of Wolfstack.

But it’s not on my mantle piece…

I am almost absolutely sure that it’s at 1 with the book and 0 without, because when I take the book off, it’s not listed anywhere in my profile anymore.
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Well, that’s a surprise. Thank you!

I guess you can’t put a quality in your scrapbook if you only have it due to an equipped item, perhaps to avoid the problem of what happens if you unequip it?

0 without is exactly what we’d expect if you’ve never been to zee.