An exceptional friend. Should I wait?

I am highly considering getting the Exceptional Friendship. However, I am wondering if there is a &quotright&quot time to buy it.

It is the 27th with me right now. Does this price get taken out of the account every month on the 1st? Or is it on a &quotWhen you buy it&quot basis. I don’t want to pay 7 bucks for 5 days of friendship.

I know it is a stupid question, I just want to make sure.

You get 30 days of friendship for your $7, starting whenever you buy it, and it’ll renew when the time is up. The start/end of the month doesn’t matter. So there’s no wrong time to become exceptional.

Just make sure to always start exceptional stories before the month is up. Those are tied to the month, and you’ll lose the option to play them if you haven’t gone through the initial storylets.

Like Robn said, it’s possible to cancel/renew your membership to always get two monthly stories for the price of one. But then you miss out on the other benefits of membership while its inactive, which are pretty nice on their own.
edited by Harlocke on 6/27/2016

So, it might actually be a good idea to buy it now, as there are three days to the next story is up.

Yes, you should get it now if you want to play June’s story. And start the June story so it doesn’t go away when the new one arrives.

Gotcha. I’ll hop on and get it now.

Yup, best to get it now indeed as you’ll be in for the season reward (after 3 EF stories) which started with 4 minutes to midday.
If I cancel my EF, I’ll be able to renew it only after it passed, right? This means I’ll be able to play the new EF story after the current period expires?

Once you’ve unlocked an Exceptional Story at the House of Chimes, you can play it whenever you wish, even once your subscription expires.

If you buy it on the 29th, you’ll get three Exceptional Stories for the price of one!