An Evening Raid (A Floweredene Story)

A tabby runs over to figure perched up higher on the roofs.
“Really. About time. Unless it’s another drunk zailor again.” The figure starts jumping down, intending to land behind Mister Mauvais as he moves closer.

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There is a heavy thud behind him, as a Dirae Erinyes lands on the cobblestones. They immediately deliver a kick to back of the knee, not sure of how much that wound has truly healed.

Emblem looks up from her deck of cards. She is seated on the inside of the warehouse on a dusty crate of clockwork and contraband stones. She eyes her partner and catches the ratting piece thrown to her, arming it with a flick of the wrist. The two make their way to the mouth of the warehouse, where the scuffle is taking place.

Emblem enters the door and sees the scene. The Agent Known as Dirae Erinyes standing over The Agent Known as Arse-Face, apparently caught in the act. Emblem and her partner level their weapons, and she looks up to Dirae before looking down to Mauvais. She hesitates, for he has seen her face at Pact meetings, although no-one else has. This is delicate and could easily ruin everything.

Dirae Erinyes batters him away with a laugh. They draw a pistol and shot to the side, aiming for one of the neddy men.

Emblem falls to a knee and levels the ratting piece, the recoil couched as pellets spill into the small squad of Neddy Men.

One with blue hair and horn-rimmed glasses fall to the cobbles, hit with the brunt of the spray. The other is speckled in the face, sending a dash of blood to anyone standing behind them. The third is completely untouched, save for a smell of lime and gunpowder.

Emblem retreats to reload the crude weapon as her companion steps forth with crude spear of some sort, fashioned from a boarding pike used to pull in zee vessels.

Mister Mauvais will feel a knife upon his throat, as the Emblem helps with the neddy guards. Dirae Erinyes dislikes crippling for the sake of crippling. Mister Mauvais only has moments to avoid his throat being ripped open.
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“As long as you do it., you have my blessing.” Dirae Erinyes turns their attention to the remaining neddy men. Now that, they don’t have Mauvais to worry about, they can turn their attention to the neddy men. They charge in, no longer bothering with gun fire.

OOC: Let’s bow our heads in honor of Mauvais and the many neddy men who have died this night.