An editor of newspapers

I’m just wondering how to increase this? If it’s possible at all? I’ve published quite a lot of newspapers (including top flight ones), but it never seems to increase. I guess I’m missing something?[li]

Once it reaches 10-14, it stops measuring your progress in creating a Newspaper and instead signifies your motivation for creating one.

I’m not sure it’s changed at all though!

It’s not supposed to change after you’ve created your paper. What you increase by publishing Newspapers are three other qualities: Cardinal of Conspiracy, Prophet of the Gutter, and Defender of Truth.

Okay, that makes more sense now, thank you!

Another question about the Newspaper - how do you get 104 of a particular sort of copy? Even with a success on each step, I can only get 92. What am I missing?

You can get extra copy from opportunity cards! There are some cards that have a standard challenge and give one kind of copy, and other that let you interview another player and get a small amount of all three kinds. Your interviewee gets a reduction in Scandal and Suspicion, so invitations are usually welcome.

The trick here is that you can only draw those opportunity cards while you have an ‘Hours until the Deadline’ quality. So you have to start the presses going, and then leave Doubt Street to do other things while waiting for the cards.

A note–some of the cards used to be locked at certain stages of Hours Until The Deadline, but that lock appears to have been removed.

When did that happen? I did some Newspaper work in November and the cards requiring you to be within a certain range to draw them still had those requirements.

A note on the note–nope, the time locks are still there!

I think your best bet is to periodically take breaks and do something else while waitin for the cards to turn up.