An archeological expedition question

Greetings intriguing friends!

During my visits in the forgotten quarter*, I had the chance to perceive the possibility, with Fate, to investigate either a temple of Uttermost Wind or a Gallery of Serpent.

However, it is not clear for me if the Price allows to explore them again without having to pay it again.
Or if the Price is given only to have the possibility to visit them once.

Does some archaeologist have the answer?

*not that forgotten, between the ruffians, the devils and the >RETRACTED< , too many people know about this place !

Richard Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, a curious archaeologist.

The Fate cost is necessary every visit, unfortunately - but this is for good reason, as these expeditions are extremely profitable!

Depending on your Watchful, I’d recommend you to stay away from said Expeditions unless you can at least ensure 100% success on a Bold Approach or Buccaneering Approach - if you fails, you don’t get a free retry, I believe.


So I will probably explore these places when my Fate will be more fruitfull.

Thanks for your answers.

Richard Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, a patient archaeologist.