Ambitions Across All Titles

Over time, I have accomplished some of the most difficult achievements available in Fallen London, Sunless Sea, and Sunless Skies. Although by no means complete, a thought occurred.

What’s your favorite &quotambition-esque&quot accomplishment?

[quote=Tystefy]Over time, I have accomplished some of the most difficult achievements available in Fallen London, Sunless Sea, and Sunless Skies. Although by no means complete, a thought occurred.

What’s your favorite &quotambition-esque&quot accomplishment?[/quote]

I’d just like to elaborate on my vote: While I DID get a massive kick out of making Veils my big winged pony, it’s a bit unfair to put that up against Skies where one captain ended up on the throne of a Judgement and throwing open the gates of death, and another captain murdered the daughter of a Judgement and drank down a vortex of souls and hours that comprised an eternal golden day to become a time-slipping legend who will outlast the stars themselves.

On that subject, since the Sunless Skies forum is practically inactive does anyone know if you can do the Martyr-King’s Cup multiple times in the same lineage of captains or if you need to start a new game to get the consequences from different endings? Was wondering if I could set a Storm That Schemes in the heavens alongside my immortal skyfarer but so far the prompt to meet the Dismal Chamberlain which leads to a storylet that eventually lets the subsequent captain pursue the cup hasn’t shown up again for new captains.
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I’m going to have to go with my Ambition, Light Fingers, because it was the unexpected culmination of Ignacious’s character arc.

The following little story contains spoilers for Flint, Flute Street and Light Fingers, in that order.

I picked Light Fingers basically on a whim when first starting. None of the ambitions really caught my eye but hey, my character started in a vaguely shadowy-focused path, so might as well pick the shadowy-themed one, right?

Not exactly the best motivation, I know. I did the ambition content up to the choice where you have the use the lethean leaves, and left it there for years while I decided whether I would finish it or switch to another. Content updates to the ambition came and went and I dedicated myself to other pursuits.

My character grew in other ways. Originally a hedonistic scholar living for knowledge and experience, he saw that his destiny was to take the light of the Mountain for humanity, and so, in a bout of thrillseeking, he drank her blood, thus changing his face.

He had faced consequences for his actions before, he had died, gone insane, been exiled and incarcerated, but the consequences were never permanent. His deformed face, however, was, and it was a massive blow. he followed the rumors that the Acclaimed Beauty had once been as disfigured as he, and found Flute Street, wishing to use the shapeling arts to recover himself.

While living in Flute Street, he unexpectedly fell in love with its inhabitants. He felt for the flukes and the rubbery men, and an expedition that was originally only supposed to be a few days -until he could gain the trust of the shapelings and enter their vats- became weeks of living among the rubbery men, only going to London for supplies (some for himself, but most to help his rubbery friends).

He did eventually use the shapeling arts to recover his appearance, but he went a step further than that: he acquired a peculiar personal enhancement out of a desire to better understand the Rubbery Men. Thanks to it, he could deepen his connection to them even further, this even led him to marry a Rubbery Man, and he loves his Boneless Consort to this day.

Which brings us, at last, to Light Fingers. For those who do not know and did not care about the spoiler warning, in this ambition you eventually sort-of father a human/moon-miser hybrid. I expect this forced decision rubbed some the wrong way, but for Ignacious it was the natural choice. His not-quite-humanity would temper the hybrid’s.

Ignacious quickly took to the Hybrid as a father, naming it Wayfarer, in honor of an old friend. I like to imagine him bringing the Boneless Consort to Parabola so it could meet Wayfarer, and the consort having a lot of mixed emotions that it was unable to fully express due to its limited language. I like to imagine all of his companions staying late as he regaled them with stories of the Elder Continent and how he would one day return.

Nothing could have persuaded Ignacious to part with Wayfarer, but Mr. Fires’s offer was the only thing that could have come close. A diamond cut from the Mountain of Light, the very Mountain whose blood he once drank; a diamond filled with the very light he believed he was destined to one day steal.

But of course, Ignacious chose Wayfarer, thus completing his character arc.

One day, when the content is out and I have tired of Fallen London, I will put Ignacious on the Meeting Your End path of the Thorough Replacement. His identity is now that of a shapeling, and one day he will forgo his destiny, change himself beyond recognition, and meet his child on the roof.

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For me it was the exaltation (sail east) ending in the sunless seas. That ambition was actually a reason I entered Fallen London and pursued smen

The university Lab felt great. There was something my character would love to set up, and spend an inordinate amount of echoes on. Or perhaps it’s my own academic ambitions echoing through. But there’s a promise of more FL lore, meeting with old characters, mentoring students… it proved pretty fulfilling.
The Ambition right now, feels like a chore. Not FL’s fault; the writing so far is superb.

I made it my goal to get every possible ending in Sunless Sea. I didn’t quite get there, because there are three different trophies for sailing East, based I think on one of the options you pick in Frostfound, and I only got one of those. But I achieved every other ending. Finding your father’s bones is slightly different for every background. And I kept my Invictus token the whole time.

Slight correction, the variation in trophies comes from the answer to the Carnelian Exile’s question.

Aside from that, congratulations you absolute madman.