Ambition Nemesis in Forgotten Quarter

I recently reached a content boundary in my Nemesis ambition, after completing the story in the Iron Republic. But there’s still a Nemesis storylet in the Forgotten Quarter: Ambition Nemesis - Searching the Ruins. Long ago, that Forgotten Quarter storylet directed me to a lead at the Shuttered Palace, which I successfully pursued. I expected the Forgotten Quarter storylet to disappear after that, but it didn’t. Now it appears to do nothing useful ambition-wise when clicked; it just dispenses a few relics and directs me, over and over again, to the Palace. Does anyone know if there’s a purpose (besides collecting relics) to clicking the Forgotten Quarter storylet once you’ve gotten to Nemesis 37?

According to the wikis (one link here), no-one’s found any other purpose.

Thank you, Esterhazy. Interesting. I’ll keep an eye on it, just in case it does something when the Nemesis content boundary disappears.