Ambition Nemesis: I can't unlock the University

Hello, I’ve just completed Ambition: Nemesis 9 Last traces. I noted that the Success instructions said that I could now open the route to the University. However on attempting this, I found that the only options still relied on the wealth and the correspondent tasks (the archaeology I had decided to put off for a while because I spent an age building my supplies only to fail :P ) Thoughts?
Many thanks :)

There’s an Opportunity Card that can unlock the University called “The Ways of The University” it can open a one-time route there (requires a Compromising Document) or a permanent one (requires five fate) That’s all my inexperience can provide at the moment.

Nemesis is not my Ambition, but unless this story offers some alternate route to the University, then I’m afraid finding the Correspondence Stones in the Tomb of the Seven is the only known way to access it permanently.

Only way known to you, that is. The alternative requirement from the learning new routes page is 30 memories of distant shores :P

That just gives you access, you still need to become a Scholar of the Correspondence to follow the University stories. So, personally, I think it is better to wait until you are SOTC and save those memories for other things.