Ambition: Light Fingers! 13

I’m sorry this is probably an obvious answer and I’m just blind. I have Ambition: Light Fingers! 13 and I’m looking for Hephaesta. I’ve searched Mahogany Hall, Veilgarden, and even Ladybones Road and I can’t find a way to advance the story. Am I waiting for a card from the opportunity deck, or just missing the right story? Any suggestions? Thanks!

According to the wiki that storylet is supposed to appear in Ladybones Road. I don’t remember having any trouble at that point, so it shouldn’t be too complicated.

Turns out I was just blind, and was led astray by the fact that the wiki might be wrong! I found the storylet in Spite. Could the storylet appear in different locations for different people or should I update the wiki with the correct location?

As far as I’m concerned you can go ahead and update the wiki. Makes more sense that accessing Mahogany Hall would be done through Spite, at least when looking at the map. So maybe it was changed at some point, and the wiki was never updated?