Ambition: Bag a legend

I need to get the stiff drink story card again?! I could have sworn that card series involved spending fate… Do I not need to go that far, or am I confusing the ambition requirement with a similar card storylet? I’m at the point where I need to meet the Gracious Widow in Spite

These are two completely different storylines. To my knowledge, none of the ambitions require the use of opportunity cards outside of their associated unique areas.
edited by Patrick Reding on 3/4/2012

According to the [color=#000099]Wiki[/color], it looks like there’s a non-Fate sequence of opportunity cards that can get you up to Search of a Stiff Drink 5 or 7 (which is what the Ambition storylet requires), and the card that gives you the Fate option appears anywhere in the story. And choosing the non-Fate option on the Fate card kicks you out of the storyline entirely, so I guess you’re just supposed to ignore it.