Ambition Bag a legend (about 18-20)

Hello underlings,
I am playing the ambition Bag a legend strorrylet. There i found the tooth to hammer into the stick. Then i got back to the scarred naturalist and helped him with his problem.
He told me to go to another place, the problem is i was interupted and didn’t read where. Where can i find the quest again?

thank you

Veilgarden, you will want to buy( to steal, it is cheaper !) Bottle of Black Wings Absinthe.
Then drink it at watchmaker hill.

thank you for the idea but both storry options don’t exist in veilgarden.
do i need some progess there to acces that ?

What’a your current level of Bag a Legend?

the level of bag a legend displayed under myself is 17

You need to be in the Shuttered Palace at that stage and some deep amber will be useful.

i don’t have acces to the Shuttered Palace jet. So i have to pursue a writers carear? is that correct

I think so as following that Making your Name tracker will give you free access. You can also buy the route at your lodgings if you can afford it and want a short cut to pursue your ambition.

ok thank you
i will try that. thread closed