Ambiguity? (Tournament of Lilies spoilers)

So far I’ve dabbled only a little bit in the cryptobotanical cult that is the Tournament of Lilies, but I saw enough of it to appreciate that if your plant loses to another then you’ll be demoted a stage in the tournament, and lose some of your ‘Attending to the needs of a singular plant’ quality. But recently I recieved a challenge (at the second stage), and the text implied that there had been a change in the rules meaning that, in this case, the penalty for lose would instead be losing Whispered Secrets. No longer fearing for my plant’s safety, I didn’t hesitate to accept, and was disappointed upon losing to find out that not only did I forfeit secrets (admittedly not very many), but was also demoted a level in the tournament and lost points in my ‘Attending to the needs’ quality.

I went to my lodgings to see if anything had changed in the Noted Orchid-Grower’s description of the rules, and indeed the text had been changed to imply only a stake was at risk at each stage of the tournament (although probably a progressively bigger one as you climb the ranks), which makes me think there must either have been a mistake somewhere, or that the text surrounding the tournament is a little misleading and possibly in need of cleaning up. I don’t know whether the intended consequence of losing is only the stake, or some combination of that and a level in the tournament and/or the ‘Attending to the needs’ quality.

I also want to make it clear that I don’t blame the gentleman who challenged me in any way, shape or form - he won fair and square - but I can’t help but feel a little cheated. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Or might someone be able to clear this little matter up for me? Apologies if I’m mistaken.

I fell for the exact same wording. I do think that “you risk only a trifle of secrets” is very misleading. The Tournament in general is quite irksome, since it is in many cases a zero sum game. Perhaps if there was a way to raise your Attending quality faster than 1 change point at a time, I could actually advance more than 1 level a month. -_-

As I understand it, increasing your plant’s growth becomes cheaper once you get it to a high enough level, as you can simply feed it people if you’ve got high enough qualities to lure them into it’s den, but regardless of how able you are to meet the plant’s demands it does take a long time to make any meaningful progress. I was pleased when I thought that at least there was no longer any risk of losing said progress, and I hope that will be the case before long.