always accessible Favours: The Docks increaser?

is there any good &quotpermanent&quot and always accessible docks favour increaser?
if there is none. any thing that come in close ?.

If you have a boat then there is an option on Mutton Island to save drowning sailors at the end of a carousel. This provides 1 favor.

The only other way to gain favors is through cards.
edited by IgnatuStone on 8/17/2016

At Airs of London 96+ you can go to the Department of Menace Eradication in Watchmaker Hill, choose Follow the Chandler and then Confide in the Chandleress to get a docks favor.

Doing Unfinished Businesses changes the Airs of London so I advice to check the text for those values and hunt it. Worked great for me while I was grinding Souls and Infernal Contracts.
Good luck, mate!

It’s quite understandable that there isn’t any permanently accessible option - that would be far too exploitable in relation to scientific expeditions!

A Patriotic Novel in the Empress court gives between 1 and 3 docks favors.