Alternate way to buy a room at the Royal Beth?

I read on the Wiki that there used to be an option to buy a room at the Royal Bethlehem Hotel using 50 Antique Mysteries. Sadly, it seems like that option is no longer available. Is prisoner’s honey currently the only way to purchase a room there?

Nightmare 5, draw the Merry Gentleman / Manager card and the option will be there.

For some reason the option isn’t showing up for me on the Merry Gentleman card. All I have are a few fate-locked options and greet/ignore.

I believe you need to be PoSI for that option to appear. Fits well with the way the Bethlehem only rents its rooms to particularly ‘interesting’ people, I suppose…

That explains it. Thank you!

The Wiki notes that the option requires 100 Watchful to appear.

Edit: I just checked, and indeed it doesn’t require being a PoSI.
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I bought a room using this method literally a week or so ago, it’s still available.

Well, my face is red… I thought for sure it was a PoSI thing. I had 100+ Watchful well before I managed to get PoSI, but didn’t see the option appear 'till afterwards. I guess I just never had the right equipment on when the gentleman came by…