Alluring Accomplice

So not sure if this the best place to ask, i haven’t had to interact with the forums yet, but my Alluring Accomplice seems to have disappeared. is this a change that came in with the shadowy additions? I ask because i originally got her cause she seems to be the only companion you can buy that is +shadowy. will a replacement +shadowy companion be forthcoming? is this an error?
edited by Aron Murray on 11/17/2015

The Devious Henchman gives +5 Shadowy and is much cheaper, in fact. There is no option in game to remove your accomplice short of selling her at the Bazaar either, so it sounds like a bug.

Although disappearing items should be reported to instead.

ah thanks much ill drop em an email.

edit: also ill look into the henchman :D
edited by Aron Murray on 11/17/2015

You didn’t happen to start an Orphanage in your Townhouse, did you? That consumes two Alluring Accomplices.

No i did not as i don’t actually have a town house. But you did just remind me i needed her for a mission involving hiding nuns. I guess i didn’t realise that used her up. though thinking about the mission it does make sense, i think she died for a short a time.

that must be what it was.

Probably this one.