Fallen London is a world where not having allies means not having resources. Unfortunately, unless one is seemingly everywhere at once ( say, a Mr), forging solid connections to all factions is nigh on impossible. Therefore, sacrifices must be made. One can realistically only join a limited number of factions; which ones are you the most connected to? Who do you most value? Why do you associate with certain factions, and avoid others?

Personally, the Bohemians are among my staunchest allies. Being the Hedonist I am, I enjoy their wine and art filled company, and have oft found myself coming to in their salons and houses without an inkling of how I got there. Furthermore, they are quite a good source of wine and honey, two items which I prize. I am currently saving up for Broken Giant 1844, and they have helped me get there fractionally.

The Devils are also quite interesting. While I am hardly up to their level of -dare I say it?- devilishness, I admire their ruthless cunning and find myself deliciously intrigued by their trade in souls. I value my demonic friends, and oft find myself aiding them in performing their dark deeds.

Finally, the Urchins see things that many do not. Though young and seemingly harmless, they have far more power over Fallen London than others wish to believe, and forging connections with them is rewarding, at least to me.

I would also like to take a moment to point out how much I loathe The Great Game. Though it is an especially vital connection to have, thinking of myself as a piece in the grand scheme of Fallen London does not sit well with me. I am no pawn, but an actor, or so I’d like to tell myself. At least the Bohemians tell me so, though.

One last note: I am quite interested in the dealings of the Masters. Connections to them are difficult to bring about, and surely only the very great know them more intimately than the rest. I wonder at what potential they could unlock…

While it’s not exactly reflected mechanically, Mathieu’s main ties are three.

First, are the Urchins, though one could say that he’s more their ally then they are his. He sings those of their songs they wish to be sung, protects what secrets they wish to protect, and ultimately aims to better their position in London.

His ascension in importance in London was due to his artistic work, and as such he continues to cultivate ties in the Bohemian crowd, and most of his good friendships come from their society.

But for favors cultivated, demanded, and spent, that would be High Society, without a doubt. If one wants to effect city-wide changes, its either them or the Revolutionaries, and Mathieu is no supporter of the Liberation.

I must agree with you on most points, other than the Urchins. While I don’t hate them, I try not to deal with them more than is necessary.

On another note, I must say that while I don’t oppose the Masters, I don’t always see eye to eye with them. My time in Wolfstack and dealing with Tristram Bagley has shown me that perhaps they aren’t the absolute authority on treating others with…humanity.

Personally, I’ve sided with the Dockers, as a certain zailors’ song helped show me that they’re more than just the rough brutes they appear to be. I also loathe the Great Game, but this is for an entirely different reason. One that ended in brimstone and gunpowder, and one that…I…Catherine…Never mind. Forget that I spoke.

Just note that nearly every connection is useful somewhere. You’d be surprised where they might come in handy…[li]
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Soran: I am not ashamed to admit that my firmest ally is Hell, insofar as devils can ever be considered &quotallies.&quot I lodge at the Brass Embassy, I have regular business dealings with the Infernal Sommelier, I’ve even parted with my very soul; it is, needless to say, a close relationship. Beyond the infernal legions, my artistic achievements give me clout with the Bohemians, my strong opinions and frequent guardianship of the city’s cats have made me a friend of the Duchess, necessity forces me to frequently rub shoulders with the Society crowd, and I have a great many dealings with the Great Game and the Criminal world. I would also like to someday foster stronger ties to the Masters, but it is, shall we say, slow-going when one is unwilling to commit outright atrocities in their names. I don’t begrudge the Masters their harsher actions - how could I, given their true natures? - but I still cannot bring myself to participate.

Zero: Oh, I’ve been a piece in the Great Game since before I was out of my teens, and I’ve only become more deeply-enmeshed since. But, naturally, spy work isn’t all I do; I write some rather trashy stories and poetry (so, naturally, the Bohemians like me quite a bit), I’m friendly with the Gracious Widow, I do a lot of consulting detective work for the Constables, I have quite a few drinking buddies down at the Docks, and I spend a lot of time at Church for completely sincere and devout reasons, so I’m pretty close to the clergy. Oh, and funnily enough, I believe I’m a bit chummier with the Masters than even my bat-loving friend here. I don’t know how that happened, but, well… Okay, I know how it happened - I was there the whole time - but my point is that it’s rather amusingly ironic, is all. But old Soran will catch up someday, I’m sure.

Cairn: As for my part, I prefer all the lower rungs of the social order. The Criminal networks especially, but also Hell, the smuggling rings of the Widow, the Urchins, the Great Game, and the Bohemians. I may also work more with the Revolutionaries and the Masters some day (whichever one pays more at the time). But, of course, I haven’t been down here nearly as long as my two colleagues, so who knows what other strange allegiances I may stumble into in the future.

High society is a veneer of no real consequence, but it hides small gems of true worth beneath, and so I smile and attend the balls, host my salons, and flirt with young lords and old dowagers alike. Society is an important connection to maintain if only because it is the key to greater secrets – like the ancient mysteries held by the Duchess, the academic powers that be in the University, and even the more moderate and innovative minds hiding in the bosom of Mother Church.

That said, in order to unlock the greater secrets and find the path to understanding the glimpse of the future I saw last Hallowmas, I have also turned to some of the unnoticed in the city. The Urchins are surprisingly well-informed on old wild words and mysteries of the Correspondence, and the Rubbery Men have collected ancient blasphemies in their Flute Street haven.

And of course, the enigmatic Masters, who are the ultimate goal here. They were there, in that dream, they were with me in the Void, and they spoke to me like a peer. How? Why? They have been watching me, watching my progress, and every so often nodding in my direction. One day they shall answer my questions. One day all the other allies will not matter, left behind me as I climb the Chain.

Society, the constables, the church…all the “right” types.

The 'neath has a dreary abundance of narcissistic villains. I blame few for their weakness and lack of morals; so far from the sun there are just too many dark spots in which to commit their vices. I do, however, detest devils, and even moreso, the vile spirifiers. I have only had the pleasure of bringing true death a few times, but each has thinned the ranks of the soul thieves.

Bohemians because if anywhere needs art and culture, the Neath does. And they have the most fun.

Society because things are a lot easier if you know the right people. Even if they’re awfully tedious sometimes.

and the Church, mainly because they owe me lots of favours. I’ve been encouraging spies to leave the Great Game which my character views as a pointless and destructive activity.

My staunch allies have been the church and the constables. Ironically, my primary influence with them comes from breaking the law. Funny that. Society is easy come easy go. There are useful, but I don’t really take care to avoid stepping on their dainty little toes.

Originally I enjoyed the company of devils and revolutionaries, but the devils’ constant solicitations grew tiresome. I only allied with the “Cause”, as they call it, for the pay, and I eventually sold them out to the constables, who I find more morally agreeable (if nearly as violent at times). I still have ties to the bohemians from my days in Veilgarden, although I’ve cleaned up my act a bit these days, which they don’t exactly appreciate. I cultivate relationships among the Masters whenever possible; it always pays to be close to those in power, and I find the Bazaar and its various mysteries very interesting.

It’s not impossible to do, just very, very difficult. Being in the center of things is equal parts prestigious and painful.

The Estate of J.L. Moriarty is interested in such things. Isn’t safest? To offer books to Mr. Wines, and bombs to February? Bouquets to Bohemians, and Candles for the Church.

With that said, J.L. Moriarty’s most loved connections are some of the hardest to grind in the first place-The Great Game, and The Urchins. But they offer interesting stories, in those dark places where the truth is found. And they are not above crimes of kindness. And isn’t that what matters? In the end? (there is not an end).
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S.F. is a Midnighter, so they have a pretty close connection to the Great Game, but due to their position in the criminal underworld, they’re Closest To: Criminals. They’ve attempted to cultivate as strong a connection to the Masters as they can manage, but that has proven difficult. Otherwise, they’ve been doing their best to remain connected to all facets of society. That’s fairly easy for them. Changing faces isn’t always a physical thing.

I was just thinking about the various dichotomies in the Fallen London factions, and thought I’d list them here.


Now, from there, I have no idea where to put the rest of the different factions.

I toast to the Constables when no-one’s watching. Above all, we must keep the order and the law.
However, there’s no denying the charm and roughness of the Dockside men, women, and distinct gentlebeings I have met.
And the Church. They helped me in the beginning, I like to reward those who have done so. And, in a place so dark as the Neath, how not to admire those who possess all those candles…

I not quite on purpose are on first name bases with Devils and haven’t quite completed my romances with some of them. I have cleaned up my act a bit and have become quite connected to Society, as a twist I have also become much involved with the Widow and not on purpose either.

The Criminals and the Docks. Because… well, frankly because if it’s hard to get in with a certain group, there’s almost certainly a very good reason for that.

Keep your Society and Bohemian connections - it’s easy to make a name for yourself in those circles (and, since it seems that Wilde was right about publicity, almost impossible to lose it). I’ll stick with the world of whispered passwords and blood oaths; grubby notes passed from hand to hand to hand, and friends you can actually rely on…

[quote=A B Nile]The Criminals and the Docks. Because… well, frankly because if it’s hard to get in with a certain group, there’s almost certainly a very good reason for that.

Keep your Society and Bohemian connections - it’s easy to make a name for yourself in those circles (and, since it seems that Wilde was right about publicity, almost impossible to lose it). I’ll stick with the world of whispered passwords and blood oaths; grubby notes passed from hand to hand to hand, and friends you can actually rely on…[/quote]

The value of having multiple faces becomes apparent: one can be both popular and unknown.

In truth, there is little that I do not dabble in. My most valued tie is to the Great Game. Even if it accomplishes nothing, nearly anything of note passes through it’s gears at some point. The vantage point it offers on others is not to be underestimated. Besides which, keeping the Game in motion keeps all the rest of the plates spinning.

After that, I most enjoy the company of the Urchins and the Gracious Widow. The Urchins I cultivate for their unique perspective and unexpected resources. They are so ubiquitously present across the city that there are few places their network can not reach. They are also a resource pool that will mature as time passes. Longshanks can sometimes be found in the most surprising of places. A kindness while they are young can see dividends years down the road that none could predict.

As to the Widow, it is less because of what she can do and more that she seems to resonate to me in some way. Of the various players in the politics of London, she sometimes seems more…sincere, perhaps, than the others. I will admit that this observation could be utterly without merit, but it persists in my mind regardless. That she is also, in fact, gracious, contributes to my overall admiration of her. Such a quality is one I value.

A strong tie to Society is more an outgrowth of my methods than an actually sincere like. As to the Church and the Constables, I have almost inexplicably fostered starling powerful ties to them. I’ve no true like of them, yet there they are. While I’ve no strong feelings about the Bohemians, they are lovely sorts to soiree with. The Duchess…well, I’ve no particular like of her, so the recent falling out we had does not bother me too terribly.

My relationship with both the Criminal underworld and the Docks of Wolfstack is far more businesslike than perhaps I first intended. I’ve called upon them perhaps too often, and so there is distance between they and I when we interact.

While I originally fostered ties to Hell, I’ve since realized that I find much about them repulsive. Such a moral stance surprised none more than I. Morals aside, though, I find no want to sour what ties I do have there. A case of know thy enemy, I suppose.

The Rubbery Men I show kindness to not because I think they will be of use to me, but because it usually costs me nothing. My ties to them are strong only because I’ve not yet found a use in betraying them. While a strong tie to the Colonies might be assumed to have a similar reasoning, that would be a foolish assumption. Some of them are quite old indeed. It is simply wise to keep a certain respect for that.

That leaves the Masters and the Revolutionaries. I work hard to cultivate the one, hard though it is, and disdain the other. I happen to enjoy the 'Neath, the Bazaar, and Fallen London in general. Why ever would I want to try and bring the whole system down when it profits and appeals to me so?

Zeel: Zeel is closest to Hell. Originally it was a passing curiosity, a dancing with them, but time in the Neath made him more like them, to the point that some Devils fear him rather than vice versa. This is further cultivated through spirifing. He is also rather close to the Rubbery Men. When he first arrived in the 'Neath, he was appalled by how such gentle creatures were treated. Despite his cold nature, he still takes care of them, maintaining a close connection. Besides that, his other fondness is Benthic, as he has a love of the scholastic, yet prefers Benthic’s commitment to Summerset’s arrogance.

Jass: Jass is very close to the Revolutionaries, as she is sick of watching the poor and weak suffer in London. She wants change, but lately has begun to question what it’s worth to get that change. She also is quite fond of the Criminals, the underworld being comforting to her as a home. Interestingly, she’s also extremely close to the Constables, Church and Society, but this is in part due to her work with the C.V.R. She’s still wary of the Constables, but does not hate the force of law as she once did, and she believes the Church is right to save souls. The higher echelons of society are useful to her, but ultimately merely a tool.

Doctor Wolframs alliances span the whole social gamut from Urchins to Hell. No connections to society, as I hate their high-handed fashion. I plot to:

[ul][li]Blow up the neath[/li][li]Nick stuff[/li][li]Nick souls[/li][li]Etc.