All out of things to do... any ideas?

I’ve just run out of pets that don’t have a name… that’s 22 of the things now, all with their own, specially chosen name. Or actually, something silly sounding in most cases :)

There are eight pets for sale I don’t own still… but it’s taken me months to save up for the Overgoat as it is, and I’m still 1,200 echoes short - which means I’m almost 90% of the way there, so another 20 times around the survivor of the box mini-quest. I could have it by Christmas :)

Then get the other 7 pets to name, but they only come to 760 echoes combined, which is nothing after chasing the goat! I’ve already got every place of accomodation in London you can buy - I finished that quite a while ago. Does anyone know if there any other pointless features you can grind for, or collections of expenasive stuff I can save for? :)

Shame you can’t name your weapons, your clothing, your house, your vehicle or steed, your ship or your constant companion though, that would give me purpose for a while longer while waiting for some prioper new content ;)
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You could always start seeking the Name if you haven’t already. Of course, this is a terrible horrible idea that will bring you nothing but pain and you should not even consider doing it.

(also: do you know you can name your pets from your lodgings under the “matters of society and scandal” card? You don’t have to wait for the opportunity cards for that.)

No I didn’t know that… I’m actually now trying to think the last time I went to my lodgings though…! I think I may have done a grand tour of London after getting back from Polythreme, saw everything was the same, and never went there again… so I’ve spent most of this year in Spite, with occasional side-triips to Veilgarden to get some candles.

Exciting! Giong to have a look there now… cheers, that’s a new thing straight away! :D

I can’t seem to find your mantelpiece, spiralx. I searched fallenlondon & spiralx and Victoria de Lambert but nothing came up. Problem is probably on my end. It usually is. In any event I can’t see your mantelpiece so I can’t really say what you’re lacking.
If you’re already Overgoated, then I would very much like to link your mantelpiece so I can add you to the list!

I’m going to presume you have all three 4 card lodgings, maxed equipment, all the PoSI items, weird new items like Iron Republic Journals and Dilman Club Badges, that sort of thing. You can up your Master Thief stat to “Uniquely Larcenous.” You can raise all of your Newspaper Accomplishments to 10(The only source of truth, unmatched circulation and how high does this go.) Increase your Experienced Zailor to A Zee Voyager of Note. Increase your Boatman’s Opponent to it’s limit which is currently unknown(30’ish is the highest descriptor thus far.) Raise your Connections to each of their descriptor limits. Make sure you have every item in the game, including things like Cryptobotanical Rosettes and Unusual Love Stories.

Once you do all that, I might suggest the long, hard grind of Hesperidian Cider.

I’d reccomend stockpiling things that may be difficult to get. You never know when you might need 7 coruscant souls for some new content.

A new project I am considering is to map this new quality, The Airs of London are Changeable. From the connection cards to the Relickers there are so many actions that seem to have an effect on this quality, and each of them has a one sentence descriptor attached to it. Sound like a good idea?


I always wonder if the writers get annoyed at our systematic attempts to unravel all their hard work and secrets in a probable fraction of the time it took to create. Or perhaps this is the reason why they find their jobs so rewarding. Especially if a secret goes unfound; that must be an intoxicating feeling to have.

I wonder how many secrets there are in Fallen London? Things nobody has discovered.l

Indeed I was most surprised to find myself trapped in the Mind of a Dead God for a few days. I could find no information at all about this when I looked, but there were some intriguing titbits about Parabola etc. However it was not on the whole a healthy place to stay.

Really? Iiiiiiiiinteresting!

oh boy i love things that are absurdly bad for your general wellbeing

What? How? Does it require Fate?

No - it was dream-quality related. I don’t want to post spoilers but am happy to reply to pms.

Oh hey I managed to find the way into the Mind of a Long Dead God.
That was easier than I expected.


Hmm… that is curious. I’ve gotten all my dream qualities fairly high, never seen a storylet unlocked by it. At least, not at my level.

[quote=Spacemarine9]Oh hey I managed to find the way into the Mind of a Long Dead God.
That was easier than I expected.[/quote]

Could anyone PM with advice? I have absurdly high dreams, and always have, and have never seen this.

Finally got it. Massively enjoying it … but it’s somewhat strange content, considering it’s not signposted anywhere and you have to go so far out of your way to get there…