All our Electorates are terrible people.

With the most recent secrets revealed, I can safely say that all three of our candidates have lost any respect I may have had for any of them.

Jenny is even more clearly faking it and in for the secrets, The Bishop plans to publish a list of all the souless in the city, which just ain’t cool, and Feburary’s pretty much taken over the Contrarian’s Campaign.

…Can I have a &quot**** the election&quot button please? Or vote the Northbound parlimentarian in or something?
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[quote=Professor Sketch]Wonderful! I hope we do get more dreadful candidates next year, though. At least one serial killer, please.
Without dreadfulness, it’s just politics.[/quote]


No, it’s the candidates who are terrible people. Electorates are geopolitical areas containing a certain number of eligible electors… who are, themselves, terrible people.

Well, consider this a reason to Vote Doctor Taupe-Wainscot, Election 1895: &quotI’ve You’ve Never Done Anything, You’ve Never Done Anything Wrong!&quot

Plus the Bishop is apparently stealing poetry. BAD poetry XD

But anyway, right from the beginning it was three horribly unsuited candidates campaigning for a position of no importance, which is why I decided early on that my character was voting for Sinning Jenny purely out of spite :P

I’d elect him. He’d be a pretty killer mayor.

I do hope The Topsy King runs for mayor next year. He is a most eloquent goden.

We have a bishop running against a prostitute on a browser game. It doesn’t take a psychic to see who the runaway winner will be in a race like that.

…yeah, I’d vote for him.

I’d elect him. He’d be a pretty killer mayor.[/quote]

First act as mayor: Enacts Opposite Purge Act: On one day, crime is illegal, otherwise go nuts.

He’d definitely lose the Constable vote…

EDIT: Jack, I mean :P
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So is Jenny using the election to garner more secrets, or is it just a front to allow her to liquidate her secrets without anyone noticing?

I’d like to see the Implacable Detective run for Mayor next year. There’s a woman who would run London with the iron fist it deserves!

Kaigen, it seems to me that it’s solidifying her future power base and also providing material to the anti-Vake battlenuns for future use.

Reginald is the least terrible of them, though.

“all our candidates are terrible people” sounds like the Tory leadership race after Brexit

okay I’ll show myself and my Unfallen London politics out the door now

Given the gameplay mechanics, any mayoral candidate has to have multiple dirty secrets to be eligible. Hustings are no place for saints.

“All Our Electorates Are Terrible People.” Maybe that is why our dear Masters allow us to choose a mayor.
And all candidates should look awful in an Neathy Running for Governor, I suppose.

Story wise, it actually makes this election really interesting. Regardless of who wins the race, we’re guaranteed more information about the candidate and possibly more stories focused on their secrets or affects. We may have a story focused on the Bishop and his anti-hell campaign, we could see more stories focused on the Revolutionaries with the Contrarian, or we could have stories on Jenny and her ninja nuns. All the candidates aren’t saints but it could mean more exploration of the world and I’m all for that.

Also I say Jack, Topsy King, and Feducci for candidates next year just to spice things up.

To be fair, there’s a lot of potential candidates for next year. Or really a lot of characters that deserve some exploration of their stories. The three candidates for this year are getting just that and it’s nice to see all three are getting more exposure too. Even if all three are terrible in their own ways.

Having just read the new info on Jenny, all I can say is “Bravo!”
I really like this girl. She’s doing exactly what I would… ;)