All of the sudden I have 1 fate

Where the hell did it come from!?

I think there’s a couple free, one-off Fate sources around. Not sure which ones are or aren’t still available these days, but perhaps you got it from one of those? Do you have an inkling of what you had last done before noticing the Fate?

nothing like that. i was spamming the topsy king with his book in hearts desire and… planning burglaries iirc. maybe something to do with finishing a burglary? strange.

It used to be possible to acquire something like 10 fate points for free in the early stages of the game, when completing certain key events. Some have since become unavailable, I believe, but a few are still knocking around.

then im guessing it was my first master thief level. thx.

I think it might have come from Heart’s Desire (if I remember correctly) there are stages in all the Ambitions that gift a little Fate.

oh yeah that could be it. im stuck rn but that has been eating all my actions…

I’ve also received 3 Fate from nowhere.

well lucky you you got enough to spend haha

These might be coming from the fix for “Your Fate balance may be inaccurate - this is due to the different types of Fate (Fate purchases and Fate earned through the game)” from the known issues thread, in which case you earned this fate at some point in the past and it’s been invisible until now

well that would explan things perfectly too. because that gives it a much larger timezone for earning. thx