All my goats in return for 2017/18 lore summary

Okay, I realize this is a pretty lame request, but I haven’t visited Fallen London in 2 years and would be deeply appreciative if people could catch me up on story development since then. I know, I know! I’m hoping someone will humor me anyway.

For a while, game lore had been ramping up pretty steadily - those Hallowmas destinies blew my mind with how much they implied/revealed. Then it kind of slowed to a drip and I ended up losing touch with the game; it seemed like most of the new lore was getting paywalled behind Exceptional Friendship stories. (It also seems like those next-tier professions still haven’t been added in?) That said, Sunless Sea had interesting stuff, and I’m planning on checking out Sunless Skies, so it’d be nice to get up to date on the latest lore from FL proper.

I don’t have any goats, but in fairness, that does technically mean you get all my goats.
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Sent some info on some ESes. Couldn’t tell you about late game content as I am nowhere near there on either char.

They released the next part to Light Fingers, although that’s not my ambition so I can’t tell you much, they also made returning to court possible

Things over the last two years:

  • The Favours/Renown conversion finished and all factions have three related items to obtain, many of them best-in-slot[/li][li]Feducci became mayor and has a Fate story where he may, or may not, marry the Captivating Princess[/li][li]Light Fingers got part two, in which you go on a trip to the roof and encounter Starved Men and moon-misers[/li][li]The Last Constable storyline was completed![/li][li]The Dilmun Club got another part, in which you 1. give the Tiger-Keeper lots of things for Tribute, and 2. visit the tigers’ court near Port Carnelian to exchange Tribute for tiger companions and expensive items[/li][li]You can return to Court after being banished and grind to become Poet-Laureate, which is similar to the SotC 21 grind[/li][li]Hallowmas got ten new companions to grind for (2016’s now require Fate) and a knockoff Waxwail Knife, a copy of Feducci’s lance. These will likely rotate out again next time, the lance almost certainly.[/li][li]The Feast got several new gifts, both free and Fate, and some new companions. Apparently New Newgate’s Snuffer and the mysterious prisoner are one and the same.[/li][li]Last and absolutely most important, there’s a new faction to investigate the Twelve Days of Mr Sacks with: your Rubbery friend who wants to understand the true meaning of Sacksmas. Completing this gives a Perpetually Festive Rubbery Friend.

I can give general summaries of the ESes too but that’ll take a while.

I’ve reached content wall on Light Fingers and Nemesis, so PM me if you want anything specific.

Acquire a large amount of weasels for an event that was written by a drunk FL writer.

Best achievement ever

You folks are awesome! Thanks. (Can’t believe Last Constable actually happened. First priority for sure.)
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Important mechanical notes about the Last Constable story (with major spoilers):

It’s guaranteed that either the Constable, Cheery Man, or both will die. You can guarantee that your favored candidate wins, let it be one of them at random, or guarantee that the opponent dies with a chance your candidate dies too.

If you have the Feast companion for the one that dies, you get a replacement companion with equivalent stats plus a unique weapon. If you don’t have the companion, you can get the weapon at a later Feast, but the replacement companion is unobtainable.

Although you can change sides, unfortunately it looks like you can’t get the companion at the Feast if you have the other one already.