Airs of the Forgotten Quarter - what's the range?

Does anyone know offhand if the Airs of the Forgotten quarter ranges from 1-100 or 1-127? I’ve never seen it go over 100, and there don’t seem to be any events / storylets related to it being above 100, but the wiki suggests that it goes as high as 127. This may be a typo, so I figured I’d ask and see if anyone’s actually had numbers above 100. (It’s useful for calculating odds, naturally.)

It used to go higher, but the airs of the forgotten quarter are used for expeditions. High values of airs gave nice benefits for expeditions, and people were using the ‘search’ option to get a high value, and then do an expedition with a starting bonus. You can still get high values, but only while on an expedition (at which point ‘search’ is disabled).