After reaching level 130...

What should I do after reaching level 130? Right now I’m building a Gymnasium, I’ve already got a library, ship, constant companion, and velocipede.


Well, you could join a Club, pursue some Affiliations, collect such rarities as Ancient Mysteries, Searing Enigmas, Puzzling Maps and Letters of Recommendation, fill up your coach-house with Landaus and Sedan Chairs, learn the secrets of the Relickers, endear yourselves to Fallen London’s Connections…

… or grind away to get the ‘best’ house, the ‘best’ items to boost those stats as far above 130 as you can.

I’m trying to hunt down all those little stories that I missed, and maybe even spend some fate to open up some of the hidden storylines…

Or, cough, start again anew and make different decisions?
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Create a storehouse - a large pile of every single type of item - because when new content comes out, you often find yourself needing large quantities of goods. I aim for a minimum of 100 Echoes worth of each type, then start to increase stocks of the more popular types.
Building every Connection up to a respectable level (at least 50) is also a useful idea.


Now that I’ve got all the Towers and all the advanced items, I’m setting my sights on the Overgoat. I’ve amassed three and a half thousand Echoes so far - just eight thousand to go!

The Residences are a good buy because they get you lots and lots of Scraps, which are a nice thing to have if you end up needing something special (although waiting for the Relicker you want is a pain).

Pick a thing you want and go for it. If nothing else having all of the lodgings, transports, home comforts, an affiliation, club, constant companion, and all the pets gives you a wide variety of opportunity cards.

And of course there is the Overgoat. It shall be mine!

Having a similar problem - I now have a gymnasium, gang of criminals, club, library, residence in Tower, sedan chair etc etc… I’m thinking an Overgoat, and grinding for Whirring Contraptions to enable me to publish more editions of my fine newspaper, the Rogue Times.

I’m also considering trying more Fate-locked options - any recommendations? I haven’t yet done the Hound of Heaven or Riding the Savage Cobbles…

Both are excellent. The Hound of Heaven, in particular, is epic, and promises future content of a serious nature.

At the moment that new bit of content that starts with Tales of Terror is a fun thing to do with your stats capped.

I’d previously been beginning my search for the Name, trying to get Stormy Eyed, and grinding materials for future use. Also slowly but surely acquiring the materials for the third of the highest level lodgings, just so I can have all three (already have lodgings at the Bazaar and the Embassy, saving up Mysteries to add the Hotel to my collection).

Haven’t gone for the overgoat yet because there are still other pieces of equipment lower than that that I don’t have yet.
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The Overgoat is really the only thing left to do for me, but I’m not a very disciplined grinder. I also have a secondary character for playing another ambition, but that’s all really. I think I spent more time recently discussing the game here than actually playing… :)


I’m also considering trying more Fate-locked options - any recommendations? I haven’t yet done the Hound of Heaven or Riding the Savage Cobbles…[/quote]

I was a bit disappointed in Riding the Savage Cobbles, mainly because you lose your ability to replay the regular storylets once you complete the story. Hound of Heaven is probably one of the best cost to rewards available for fate. You get a lot of interesting stories, animals, and the ability to replay. If you haven’t done Flute Street yet I recommend that, it’s also a good deal for the fate. Soul Trade if you haven’t done it is always good.

If you haven’t already pursued the mysteries of the foreign office, I highly recommend it. And so long as you take full advantage of the Velocipede Squad and what it has to offer before you get to playing it, Riding the Savage Cobbles is worth it for the things you’ll gain.

I still have access to Riding the Savage Cobbles - I guess it must depend on which of the storyline options you pick.

Many thanks, delicious friends…

Lady Red: Yes, whether you keep access to Riding the Savage Cobbles depends upon which fork you take in the Fate-locked storylet. To say more would be to emit a spoiler.

If you have a Gang of Criminals, Thefts of Particular Character nets you around 1.25 Echoes per action. So losing access to the squad isn’t that big a deal.