Affluent Photographer opportunities sought

Waiting for the Opportunity Cards for this arc is infuriating. I would be grateful if someone would share their next Opportunity with me, and I’d be happy to repay the favo(u)r the next time I get a card. Which, at the current rate, will be (add three, carry the nine, multiply by pi) … never.

Bless you, Baron Electricpants.

I need one more point of Trailing to get the second of the two items offered by this quest. I will, of course, be happy to return the favour.


I to need another point in trailing.

Anyone who might be thinking of sending requests my way? Send them to any of these other folks. I already got both items, I don’t need more points in this. Or, alternatively, choose to cheat me on this.

Any chance someone can assist me? I have rank 2, but I need three to do anything with the opportunity card

If you get a card to investigate the affluent photographer (Where you receive those ranks), feel free to use the “cheat” option on me.

I just need three more points to get the second item.

I will share the next one I get with you.

EDIT: Done with this story, thanks.
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I’ve been doing this story from the start but never get past level 3 and the In The Garden card. Is there a trick to get higher? Anyhow I’d like to partner up with people for it, I have very few friends playing this game.

My FB account is Redirecting... - please send me a PM mentioning Fallen London or I may not accept the PM.

I have a twitter account also although I never use it.


I just linked my game account to Twitter so I can link to friends with that also, but I don’t know how to make friends with someone. Urthdigger I went to your profile page - do I just click to Follow you or what?

Roaven I would team up with you but I still don’t know how to do it using twitter…

Robodok - Yes, you follow someone to link your twitter account with theirs and then can do social stuff on FL. =)

I, as well, need more opportunities for this. Just add me as Petter Sjölund (under Manage your friends list.)

Petter, it is done. Look to your messages.

I have an Affluent Photographer card and a desire to test out the new Identity system. If anyone is game then post your intent and I’ll see if I can friend you and send it to you. I don’t have a connection with Twitter or Facebook you see so I need to use Identity.

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Owen, I don’t mind a single cp, seeing as I have a card popping up, currently. I do not want more than that cp, however.

Edit: Got that one point
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[quote=Aximillio]Owen, I don’t mind a single cp, seeing as I have a card popping up, currently. I do not want more than that cp, however.[/quote]\

I don’t understand, cp?

Change point, in this case meaning one of those progress thingies. Just me forgetting what kind of progress there is to everything =)

Edit: On a completely unrelated note, do you get a blank page when trying to enter the story tab?
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