Affluent Photographer-- a change of heart

I started trailing the Afluent photographer but I mistakenly took the side of the other party. The plot had been slow for me to get more information on her and I didn’t know when I’d get the card again. Now I’m having a change of heart since I wanted to help her. Is there no way to fix it and go back to her? I’m slightly annoyed at my impatience…

You’ll have to finish the story with the side you’ve chosen. Fortunately, once the story is complete, you’ll have the chance to repeat it when the initial opportunity card rolls around again. One might say it appears a bit too frequently…

You’ll be able to replay that story as often as you like, changing sides as often as you like. You will become rather annoyed by the Photographer sooner rather than later, I’m afraid.

Oh! Thank you both very much, it’s nice to know it’s not forever locked me out. Much appreciated. I think I got to the end though? I got the Neddy Suit which I think is the end of that line…?

Yes, and now you can replay it for the other side to get a different outfit with the exact same stats.

What is the deal with Affluent Photographer, anyway? It does keep appearing more often than other cards…I didn’t even finish it! One would think that a storyline, once finished, would not appear again…similar to Last Constable

It’s a standard-frequency card without a lock, so it will appear forever and more often than various rarer cards. Storywise there’s not really all that much conclusion iirc, nothing in particular changes, so no wonder it sticks around. As much as we may hate it.
edited by Optimatum on 6/13/2016