Affair of the Box: where is the stuttering fence?

I have been searching for a while now, but so far to no avail. A storylet called “Where has the Stuttering Fence gone?” in Spite tells me to go to the Flit to find the stuttering fence. However, there is no storylet there that makes the story progress. I have shadowy 97, if that makes a difference. Is anyone able to help?

I think there might be an upper cap. A friend of mine ran into the same problem, and she had to wait until Mahogany Hall to pick it back up. A shame to miss out on some of the content, but at least you’ll still get (in my opinion) the most interesting bits of it.

Thanks for the reply. That would be really annoying. I could begin the story with high shadowy and to be blocked halfway in between is really annoying.
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Do you have the box yourself? If not there should be a storylet in your lodging that gives you the box. That might be the issue?

also, there is a storylet in mahagony hall that raises your “affair of the box” quality past the stuttering fence content- that may be your issue.

Thanks. I have the box and was able to get the storylet in Spite that directs me towards the Flit, but not the one in the Flit. My Surviving the Affair of the Box is 1, so that should not be an issue.

All I can suggest would be to put on a silly hat, grab a bottle of oblivion to pass the time, and see if your talkative rat friend knows where he might be. If that doesn’t do it, I’m out of ideas.

Sadly, it does not seem to help. I can reduce my shadowy down to 75, but no storylet. Is is possible that the storylet goes away that early?

Actually, I’m not sure there is a branch before Mahogany Hall? I certainly never found one.

There are four Affair of the Box storylets in the Flit.

Actually, now I’m seeing them (on the wiki), I do remember them. But they weren’t very noticeable…

I was in the other boat for this. I couldn’t throw a brick in the Flit without hitting the Stuttering Fence, but I did this content in the upper Shadowy 60’s.

This is the first Stuttering Fence option in the Flit:
The unlock is Shadowy 57, and if the challenge information is correct, the older 100% Narrow success is Shadowy 68. The unlock range is at least 57-68. Can anyone else confirm it?

If you put on the best -Shadowy gear, you could lower your natural Shadowy by 24 levels:
Hat: Ridiculous Hat -10
Clothing: Formidable Gown -2
Gloves: Avid, Voracious or Insatiable Gloves -1
Weapon: Bottled Oblivion -5
Boots: Vakeskin Boots -1
Pet: Talkative Rattus Faber -5

Then you’d be Shadowy 73. Does that work?

I got shadowy down to 75 and that did not work. :-(

Oh well, I’ll put a note about it in wikia FL. Chin up, you’ve still got Mahogany Hall!