Advice Requested for Acquiring a Scientific Ship

I recently have run out of things to do and have decided to work on acquiring a Zubmarine. The price has changed with the new item changes and I was wondering if someone has done the math and knows whether it’s worth gathering resources and trading them up (which I always do in bulk), or perhaps Wilmot’s End is now a more suitable option. I already have the bejeweled lenses but still need 30 Whirring Contraptions and 20 Strong-Backed Labours. If someone could give an estimate on the number of actions of the faster option, as well, I would be most grateful.

I believe I’ve heard that getting those from Wilmot’s End is faster. Item conversion is fastest and cheapest (Especially if you get a rare success or two, mmm, 24 echoes profit for a single action…), but only if the item in question is at the end of the line. If you still need to head to the bazaar sidestreets to trade items in, it’ll likely be faster if you can find an alternative method such as Wilmot’s End.

Ok. Thank you. Then, I suppose, I will be spending some time searching for missing women.