Advice on Connected: Masters

Pretty much what it says on the tin. I sided against them at Wolfstack, and I’ve been kicked out of the palace. I’m trying to find -some- way to gain one point of connected: Masters, as it’s the only thing I need to get my Salon off the ground!
Thoughts? Advice?

Work for Mister Wines. That’ll get you up to 1.

How does one go about getting such employment?

It’s the revel card. If you refrained from helping Mr Wines while your Persuasive was in the appropriate range (45-75) then you won’t be able to work for him unless you bring your Persuasive all the way down. Or Failbetter could remove the upper cap on that card.

Alternatively you could acquire either 10,000 Proscribed Material or 5 Blackmail, 5 Uncanny Incunabulum, 80 Touching Love Stories, and 20 Collated Research to give to Mr Pages through the libraryette card. The latter gives you more more points for your contribution.

10k proscribed it is. sigh This is gonna take a while (at 25 a pop.)

Check to make sure you never played the revels card before. As I recall it was kind of hard to miss.

Also, it takes more actions to get 10k Proscribed Materials than to get all the collective books for the Rare Books storylet; and Rare Books gives 3cp to Proscribed Materials’ 1.
edited by Nigel Overstreet on 8/30/2013

The card that comes back around, “Invited to Another Revel of the Masters”, I believe, isn’t limited by stat level. It’s just become (at least for me) a pretty rare card. If you have the quality “occasionally seen at Mr Wines’ Revels” at some level, the card for it will come around eventually.