Advent Calendar

So advent calendars came up and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on where to get a particularly nice one. One of our kids seems to love the idea and he’s the joyful peacemaker in the family. I thought it might be nice to get one if for no other reason than to make him happier. We are particularly interested in the FL aesthetic, but directions on where to find any well-crafted one are welcome.

The most FL Advent Calendar is surely an Advent Candle, which is cheap and fun. Edit: Hell’s Bells, it’s hard to Google though; people keep trying to flog you horrid, horrid things. Something like this.

We always had one when I was a kid, and also those candle-powered convection angel chimes which are absolutely captivating…for the first 60 seconds of mind-mangling ding-ding-ding-ding-ding (but at least they’re educational).

My parents’ renowned Last Minute Advent Treasure Hunt Calendar, passed down through our disorganised generations from the days of - well, almost - the Traitor Empress herself: get 24 wooden clothes pegs. Write the countdown day on each one with marker pen. It absolutely does not matter what the prize is (usually jelly babies or chocolate buttons wrapped up in a twist of tissue paper IIRC), just wrap 'em up and position them - with the aid of the peg - somewhere easy to find each morning. If you have multiple children, even if some are hardened cynics, just load the parcel with enough treats for everyone, and watch them all search. Do you need to be fancy in the presentation? No you do not. At all. Even slightly.