Advancing the Liberation of Night on the surface

It appears that the paper of record is sympathetic to revolutionary causes. I, for one, find the argument convincing, which might explain the company I keep in the Neath.

edited by Guy Scrum on 12/20/2014

Yes - turn on the dark!

Boo to the darkness! Boo, I say!

Darkness is the natural state of the universe. Light is an anomaly, an abomination!

The ‘natural’ state, Mr Schartenhauer? Well, I suppose that depends on whether you’re curled up closely to a nice warm star or wandering the vast empty cold spaces alone. I certainly know where I’d rather be.

But I’m part of the Part which at the first was all,
Part of the Darkness that gave birth to Light,
The haughty Light that now with Mother Night
Disputes her ancient rank and space withal,
And yet 'twill not succeed, since, strive as strive it may,
Fettered to bodies will Light stay.
It streams from bodies, it makes bodies fair,
A body hinders it upon its way,
And so, I hope, it has not long to stay
And will with bodies their destruction share.

I should clarify: I like the dark - the kind one finds in the Neath. But to love utter darkness…with no light at all? That’s just madness.

Those who have seen the twilight before the liberation of night also saw the first gleam in a universe without stars.

Those who have seen the first gleam in a universe without stars understand what madness the so-called Liberation of Night must be.