Advancing Shadowy, Fast.

Hello friends. Due to some… er, unfortunate circumstances. I have recently come into contact with a person whom I feel great displeasure for, and would like to de- Alright, forget the refined talk nonsense. This !@$# locked me in a box, made me kill myself. I want revenge. And to do so while avoiding being buried alive again. I need to increase my Shadowy quite a lot. My modified shadowy is 106, while my base is 81. Thanks for your help in enacting my revenge! :3

(I realized I made a thread similar to this earlier, however that was aimed at a more general approach, and rather discouraged the help of increasing my Shadowyness as it was already above the POSI mark, here I would like more emphasis on Shadowy acts)
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Hmm, outside of a patron or living story, I know using warning notes in your lodgings would be fast. Clara could be open to some loitering, she’s not using her Making Waves yet. Frensus will reject any such offers however, as he can’t be seen wasting time on street corners. He was in the same situation once though, and was only saved by his precious St. John’s Lily. His contribution is the promise that your revenge will come in time, and it will be sweet.

Loitering Suspiciously with someone else who is willing to sacrifice 10 CP of Connected to: Society will get you Hastily Scrawled Warning-Notes, which you can turn into 1-50 CPs of Shadowy with Tricks traps and treats. And that’s probably the fastest way to increase Shadowy. Another way is apparently to build Casing… and then sell it to criminals in the Flit. And if you haven’t been to jail yet to get acquainted with the Repentant Forger you could use your Casing… for heists, as those also increase Shadowy when you succeed, and have a chance of getting you arrested when you fail (which is a lot easier when you have 3-card lodgings, so heists are probably not a reliable grind under those circumstances).

Out of the two options, Hastily Scrawled Warning-Notes sounds like the best option. Especially if you’re looking at the CP-per-action. As to obtain 6 (5) HSWN you only need to spend 3 turns with your friend (of course, then comes the problem of having enough friends to do so consistently) and then another to gain 1-50 CP, assuming ~30 is what you get on average that’s a little below 9cppt (Although probably a bit higher since you still have the one note left) whereas selling Casing would only be a 10-CP increase for at minimum 3 turns depending on how much casing I had before. Netting much less than 9CP/T
(Not to mention I’ve had my eye on robbing the Brass Embassy, while slightly out of character for a person of my relations with the Devils, Surely even someone as close to, or even closer than I would do it, for the souls and brass than anything. Besides, no one needs to know…)
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It is worth noting if you just go back and finish setpiece which was interrupted when you were put in a box you will find it’s fairly simple to do now.