Advancing Persuasive Over 200

I’ve recently become A Person of Some Importance: A Legendary Charisma. When I play any Persuasive actions, I’m given the message that my Persuasive can’t be advanced beyond 200 at present. Do I just wait until I get a message that it can be advanced? Do I need to do something to get it moving again?[li]

Thank you,

Advancing beyond 200 isn’t achieved through regular practice, but rather by dealing with the Bazaar! What you’ll want to do is build up your Notability, and then use the “unsigned message” card to trade that Notability in for skill levels. Note that, when you do this, your Notability isn’t -added- to your skill level - rather, your skill level is set directly to 200 + current Notability. Meaning, it’s most efficient to grind Notability as high as you can get it, then add it all on at once.

Thank you. I will try this.

Do beware of the Nadir, though. It’ll eat supercharged stats just like normal, and there’s no way to restore them without grinding up notability again.

Ah, that is an extremely useful piece of information.
Timely, too, since I was just considering getting my Watchful to super+200 levels, if I could draw the right card.