Admitting your affection question.

I read an article[1] that said Fallen London had implemented same sex marriage and [quote=]FL assumes everyone’s bisexual[/quote], however when I tried to use to the Admit your Affection option under Matters of the Heart, none of my female acquaintances were valid recipients. I am quite sure none of them have Seen With, although admittedly I do not know how to check. I think you for your time and help.


The recipient of your Affection needs to have a Free Evening. Perhaps your would-be darlings do not have any. It is possible to be Seen With multiple people (the last time I checked) and I have Admitted my Affection for several of my female friends.

You can definitely get gay married I’ve done it.

(well okay gay-engaged at the moment because 10,000 planning a wedding is an astronomical amount of rat)

You also need to be acquainted to the person first, and both be in London.

It should be able to list friends and what reason you’re unable to invite them. It will also list what qualities invitees need up at the top.
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Thank you :3 It turns out it was because she was in the mirror marches. ^.^