actions_refresh_effect - how many actions?


I’m experimenting with a world at the moment where the action bank size is set to 20 (and the refresh rate is rapid, in case that makes any difference). I’d expected that a branch with the “exotic effect” of actions_refresh_effect would reset the action count to 20, but in fact it seems only to add 10 actions, up to a maximum of 20.

For example: if I have 5 actions and I select the branch (which is set to cost 0 actions), then I have 15 actions afterwards.

Is this a bug, or have I misunderstood what it’s supposed to do? I can work around it either way, but it would be nice to know for the long-term.

Many thanks

It does 10 actions on a game with a thirty action pool as well. As far as I know, it’s not a function that’s meant to go into storylets, it’s just an example of the sort of thing that could be possible.

[color=#009900]It’s a bug, or rather an underdefined feature - sorry for the confusion… We’ll expand the action refresh options at some point, but we’re still monitoring creator and player behaviour around action settings.[/color]

Yeah I noticed this too. It doesn’t bother me too much because ten actions will still be a decent refresh, but it will be nice to have everything up to par when it gets there. :-D

As a tiny footnote (and in full appreciation that this is the kind of thing which will just go on a long list to be dealt with “some day”), I’ve also noticed that the action cost for the branch itself seems to be deducted after the refresh. So for example, your actions get refreshed up to 20, but you actually end up with 19.

It’s easy to work around by setting the cost of the branch to 0 - though I guess there might be circumstances where that isn’t what you want.