Actions and opportunity cards timer update

[color=#46f2ca]We’re altering the algorithm used to determine when you get new actions and opportunity cards.

Currently, actions refresh every tenth minute since the last time the player spent an action while at maximum actions. In other words, the timer doesn’t start until they spend an action. Opportunity cards work the same way.

Instead, actions and opportunities will now refresh every tenth minute since the character was created.

What does this mean for my account?

Your action and opportunity card count will now be aligned. It will be a slightly more unpredictable - but slightly better - experience.

For example: if you have actions/op cards due at 10, 20, 30 minutes past the hour, and you spend five actions at 9 minutes past the hour, you’ll get:

  • another action after 1 minute, at :10[/li][li]another action after 11 minutes, at :20[/li][li]another action after 21 minutes, at :30

…and so on.

You’ll never lose out by this method, but you may gain![/color]

It seems like this also reset my actions and opportunity cards so they are all full now, scared me for a moment.

Edit: it seems like the game is slower for me now, hope it doesn’t last very long.(The slower loading time, I mean).
Edit2:erm, my actions have restarted again?
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I thought my account was hacked! But o, bless you, bless you.

Haha, yeah, surprised me too to get all my actions back. Wish I hadn’t been rationing them now. =P

Cool change though, I like the sound of this system. I assume this means the timer will no longer reset when switching areas, such as going on a heist? I’m also guessing we can play red cards at any point while having zero actions with no consequence?

Yes, it is running a bit slower, but that might be just a touch of server overload. It’s happened before.

– Mal

Heh, this happened while I was on a heist, with an empty deck and no actions; the sudden refill helped me get to 21 Burglar’s Progress!

More to the point, I am glad for this change. The first new action after I start using a full candle will come faster now, the two timers will be synchronised (theoretically, anyway), and may I be so bold as to hope for smoother, more regular timing henceforward? (Actually, my two timers are almost synchronised right now, but not quite. I guess we can’t get rid of glitches altogether, but it might be easier to evaluate how fast or slow one of the timers might be by looking at the difference between them.)

Yes… a bit surprised to find full candles and decks… excited to watch this change play out! Thanks!

It reads as a much better system. Thank-you FB team for your hard work!

Count me in the crowd who got doubly surprised by the change! But it makes sense to do.

Pretty rad changes!

Very generous of FBG, thank you all very much!

[quote=Lottie Bevan][color=#46f2ca]Your action and opportunity card count will now be aligned. It will be a slightly more unpredictable - but slightly better - experience.
Thank you! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put off starting to burn my candle just so this wouldn’t itch at my brain all day.

Yahoo! Hopefully this will fix the jumpy timers problem.

Very nice. Thanks!

Very happy with this change.

I just tried it out by entering the Cave of the Nadir. No timer reset! Excellent.

(Although the timers are still jumping around, or at least started to once I entered the Nadir, which seems somehow appropriate.)

EDIT: Yeah, timers still jumpy on my other characters. This doesn’t take away from how exciting this update is, though.
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Yay! now I don’t have to wait a few minutes to play a newly drawn card!

Somehow I have just made both clocks sync. I can not describe how happy this makes me.

  • and now its gone :(
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Has anyone else been running heists and sometimes seeing extra cards added to their draw pile after transitioning between London and the Heist location? Sometimes I’ll have one card left in my deck, and then once I begin the heist I suddenly have four. I just submitted a ticket to feedback, but I thought I’d check to see if anyone else has encountered this.

I am vaguely surprised to see so many people appreciate the synchronisation of the two clocks, because it has never bothered me much that a new card would not appear at the same time as a new action; I like this feature mostly for the increased accuracy in the clock. There is another side to this update, however, that really does make me happy. For the first time since the change, I have just used a red card with an empty candle.

This would normally reset the timer, and effectively cost a fraction of an action; I distinctly remember myself trying to use red cards as close to the beginning of the ten minutes as possible (provided I had spent all my available actions first, of course). Now, however, the timer is not affected at all by the use of the red card, which is therefore perfectly free in terms of actions—the next one appeared as scheduled about three minutes later. Finally!

Wait, red-bordered cards don’t cost actions? Is this new or did I never notice?