Acquiring rats for the un-Important

I’m almost Dangerous enough for the Labyrinth of Tigers, but I don’t believe I’ve seen a repeatable source of Rats-on-a-String in some time. The best I could find poking around the wikis is “Pull a Weasel out of your Hat” in early Flit, but at 64 rats/action that’s not much faster than doing the University grind and buying rats. Is there anything better out there other than Unfinished Business?

(Other ones that don’t pan out: Square of Lofty Words costs three actions between the two of us to grind, send, and receive 100 rats. Steal Paintings for the Topsy King is only 150 rats/cycle of Casing 5 or so.)

My current stats: Watchful ~105, Dangerous ~95, Persuasive and Shadowy in the low 80s. (so quite a ways from PoSI)

Have you already dealt with the rats in your lodgings? I saved most of my rats from there for the Labyrinth.

If you devote some time to Shadowy, new sources of rats will open up in the Flit.

Ah, interesting. Looks like those options get Jade as well, which I’m also interested in grinding towards a room in the Royal Bethlehem. Thanks.

Edit: Or one other option… Not too far in the Labyrinth, there’s a storylet that gives you 7,000 Rats. I could pay Appalling Secrets for temporary access (and I’m drowning in Cryptic Clues, so that’s not a huge deal), and use the rats for permanent access when I get there.
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You might find the Topsy-Turvey King of some assistance!

A paint covered Lady