Acquaintance Actions Missing?

Anyone else notice that you can no longer visit your acquaintances? Does this mean they’re going to be cards now (dear god no, please no)? Seriously, my deck has enough filler in it as it is, although I wouldn’t mind seeing their stories continue.[li]

do you want to hear the bad news

do you want to hear the bad news[/quote] Waaah… someone please start a deck management clinic, my hand is already full of very upsetting things skulls and very persistent Devils and terribly menacing Rubbery Men who insist on relieving me of the twenty-something bits of Warm Amber I found by accident ONE LUMP at a time and did I mention skulls… skulls… what was I saying, I forget…[li]


I mean, seriously?

I liked the flavor of moving to specific areas to visit my acquaintances. This kills half the flavor of actually visiting them, and adds another useless card to the deck. :(

Oh no. Nonononono.

Goodbye Acquaintances, we hardly ever knew you.
Good luck getting Mark of Credits/Violin/Iron Republic Safe-Conduct now, whoever does not have them yet.
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Plus is seems like the options you have with them are the same as before. I was thinking that, if the rewards had been dramatically improved, it would be worth it. But alas.

[quote=Spacemarine9]do you want to hear the bad news[/quote]
I originally took this as a Photoshop joke. =D

Now I know otherwise… D=
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Well, I’m glad I have Counting the Days up and enough credit for safe conduct even more so now…

I have to admit I am a bit disappointed that FL seems to be moving more and more towards card-based gameplay. It makes me feel I have little to no control over what happens, and with things like this it really just serves to stretch things out (i.e. Counting the Days). I remember feeling similarly about Cabinet Noir and The Silver Tree. Nothing removes player agency faster than luck-based mechanics. :/

I’m okay with a certain amount of luck-based play, so far as luck being involved in certain stories/carousels. But I really don’t like card-based gameplay. Why even HAVE locations if you can access everything from a card? So much flavor is lost in this move it’s not even funny.

My husband just got the card about 10 minutes ago. I have yet to see it.

[/li][li]Yes, it appears that they are. I didn’t understand this thread until my husband got the card and I checked. Sure enough, the storylets in Veilgarden, Watchmaker’s Hill, Spite, and the Shuttered Palace for the 4 Acquaintances are gone.


While it’s a bit of a pain for anyone wanting to get Marks of Credit or grind up their Connected: The Great Game, frankly I didn’t use use the location specific options at all and I’m guessing no one else did either, which is why it was turned into a card. If a storylet isn’t being played, and I’m guessing the meta-data shows it wasn’t, then I don’t see it as that big of a loss.[li]
Frankly, I will probably be discarding the card when I come across it anyway.

This does not make sense. I mean yeah, sure, they are not played much. But that’s because there is only so much you can do with acquaintances ATM. Low level storylet are not played much too, but we don’t see them turning into cards. One of my characters will not be affected much. For the other, getting decent acquaintance qualities is suddenly as hard as getting Stormy-Eyed.
Acquaintances are simply not balanced to work as random cards. It’s same thing as Talk of the Town. A fun if rarely used bit of content is turned into completely unusable one.

Yes, me too. Even though I don’t have a violin, I just can’t be bothered to play a ton of random cards to get that item. But the thing is, a storylet that nobody plays, is much better than a card. Because at least we don’t have to expend energy to discard it.

Yeah, but Alexis already mentioned that stuff like this was going to happen. That they were looking at which stories people played and which ones they didn’t and were making decisions accordingly.[li]
If it’s not part of the tier of rising from one level of a stat to another, I expect it to turn into a card pretty soon.

Not my favourite change, I have to say. I didn’t often visit the Acquaintances, but I liked to know they were there - they gave character to their respective regions. Plus, everything they offered was something you’d play a few times in a row, rather than something you’d wait eagerly to see in a card and then do all in one turn. Unless there’s some brilliant twist planned, I remain a bit iffy on this one.

Just to mention: The world builders that StoryNexus uses are all card based. I was working on one where if you die here, you would wind up in the “afterlife” which was on the Astral plane and you get to play a “Starjammers” type RPG. The problem is that it is ONLY card based, although admittedly I haven’t gotten deep into the mechanics.

With FL and SN merging onto one platform, this may be the future of all the roleplay here.

And personally, if that’s what happens, I’ll be sad and retire the links to this place. But I hope and pray that it doesn’t happen.

Pinned cards are functionally identical to storylets.

But from the games we’ve seen (Cabinet Noir and The Silver Tree) they’re not used the same way.

I think part of the problem is that the card mechanics for Fallen London and Storynexus are completely different and serve different purposes. Reconciling them seems to be creating some friction.