Accomplished my goal, now what?

I am happy, oh so happy, to report that I made it to Flute Street. This fate-locked gem has been my guiding goal, ever since I heard whispers about it when I was a new player. It has lived up to everything I had imagined.

Now, I have two requests.

  1. Could someone with knowledge of Flute Street PM me? I have been here several days (of real time) and desire some guidance that I can’t ask about in an open forum.
  2. What should I do next? Can anyone suggest a new goal or storyline that they particularly enjoyed? (Stats = 115-120 in each category.)

Picking up the Empyrean Redolence for the continuation of Theological Husbandry would definitely be a good idea. With access to Flute Street you can breed an Ocular Toadbeast (Shadowy +3), and later the Bifurcated Owl. Not to mention that it is one of the two current ways to get a Dreaded Transport.

To keep things vague, get a Rubbery Hound. And a Rubbery Fossil. And grind some First City Coins while you’re at it. Flute Street is a wonderful place to grind Rubbery Men connections, and Warm Amber, which can be exchanged for even more Rubbery Men connections.

Warm amber can only be gotten by exchanging the fossil, I think? If you’re grinding for warm amber I suggest heading to Corpsecage Island instead.