Accidental Correspondent


Today i accidentally became a Correspondent. Was thinking about something else atm, and clicked on a wrong choice…blush I was fine with my Author occupation, so the question to those knowledgeable - is there a more or less painless way to revert back to Author?

I know i can drop profession and start from scratch, but going through the motions again isn’t exactly inspiring perspective…

Thank you in advance,

You’ve mentioned the only legal way back.
So stop sobbing and make decisions like a man.

If that will comfort you, once I nullified my monster-hunter career by misclicking “write a letter” by “choose a new profession”. As you may see, my character made his way to the top once more.

Unless you specifically need lots of the Author payment rewards, I’d recommend against trying to go back to being one. Correspondents get a much larger value of resources each week and the amount of connections and notability needed to be an author again is quite a lot.

However, Det, I feel your pain. I had a brain fart and accidentally sold my soul for a Fabulous Diamond the other day…So I ended up springing for 15 Fate to start the storylet to get it back. Sigh.

Wow! That hurts.

Anyway, thank you all for the answers!

Best regards,

You can get souls back without fate, but it requires a fair amount of grinding. If you get a Bundle of Oddities with a value of 200 exactly then it will return your soul if it’s missing. Sadly there’s no storylet that pays out Bundles right around there, so it takes good luck with opp cards or much broader bundles.

I find this highly amusing, that there’s a thread right next to this one from someone who wants just this, to progress from Author to Correspondent, and here there’s this thread where it was accidental and unwanted. (I am also sympathetic, I know the pain of misclicks. On the plus side you’ll now get an extra 10 echoes a week!)

Before you do quit your Correspondent job, perhaps work on acquiring the Opportunity cards for it - The Demi-Monde: Bohemians and An unsigned message (requires Notability 1). That way you can go to your lodgings, cease being a Correspondent, then use one card to become a Journalist and then immediately switch to being an Author again. It means that you won’t receive lesser weekly rewards while you wait for the right cards to flip.

I’ve been an Author for some time and had been looking to become a Correspondent, but it isn’t really interesting me anymore. So once I get the right cards, I’m going to work towards becoming a Glassman because exploring Parabola is fascinating to me.
Understanding glyphs which ignite stuff if there’s too many of them? Not so interesting anymore.

The Author profession is actually one of the few, if there even are others, which don’t require notability. The Bohemians card has an option when a Journalist that allows you to advance to Author in exchange for connections.

Ah, good to know. ^_^