Accessing contact profiles easily


Is there a way to check out other players’ profiles from the existing contact list more easily, instead of repeatedly copy and pasting the username on to the profile URL? I am kinda new to the ‘social scene’, so thanks for your understanding! ^__^

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any mechanism to go from your contact list to a profile page. In fact, the only means I’m aware of to reach a profile aside from a direct URL is via the “Who else is here?” box.

Why do we even have that box? Does anyone actually use it? I clicked on it once or twice when I was new, but I haven’t really used it since. Maybe if it was better integrated into the game’s mechanics it would be more useful.

Who else is here is an okay way to find contacts if you’re new and in need of someone for social actions. It’s easier to find someone for that on the forums or social media, though.

I’ve used it from time to time when I see an interesting result that I haven’t gotten echoed.

I used to use it a lot- it meant &quotThis person is active&quot, and the storylets were either really interesting or a good way to gauge where they were in their account.

I don’t use it as much any more, but part of that is that I neither RP nor need social actions all that much any more, and I’m active on the forums, now.
edited by Grenem on 10/31/2016