Accediently ended aquantice

Was hitting buttons too fast and ended my acquaintance with the regretful soldier. Anyone know if I can get it back later?

This just happened to me twice in a row (once with the regretful soldier, once with the music-hall singer). Stick around in Watchmaker’s Hill and his card will come up again.

On a related note…anyone know if the “An Old Acquaintance?” card to gain back the acquaintance of the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer shows up in a certain location only? I’ve been flipping in Spite and she hasn’t come up yet.

These sorts of accidents seem to happen a lot lately due to the numismatrix’s content. I’d suggest, if actions are to be taken, to move the “end acquaintances” options to the lodgings. It’s not like anybody actually WANTS to end their acquaintances, since they bring only benefits.

As for the Old Acquaintance opportunity, I’ve seen it occasionaly in the Flit, Veilgarden and Ladybone Road, so I think it’s just bad luck. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
edited by Alexander von Brennenburg on 4/14/2012

I will extend my condolences to you, good sir. Having accidentally sold off a lovely plant after investing several hundred echoes into it…

That’s a really good idea. It definitely needs to be someplace other than where you do you main business with the character.

Mine happened because my mouse is slowly dying and randomly going crazy with the scrolling, and it just so happens that the options are placed exactly 1 scroll wheel click apart. That makes it really easy to accidentally scroll up or down and click something you didn’t mean to.

Come to think of it, I wonder what’s the intention behind giving us the option to end a purely beneficial relationship? I always found it a weird decision, compared to the plants.

Persumably that option is for narrative purposes. If you cheated on your spouse with the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer, for example, you might decide you never wish to see her again. Which would make the frquent opportunity cards concerning her incredibly awkward, of course, but there you go.

Supposedly, yes. I had the same happen to me with the Repentant Forger. Couldn’t get his card back during my hastily taken Newgate stint after that, so… I really do wish the end acquaintance option weren’t so easy to take. It’s rather irritating when accdents happen.

I accidentally lost the Regretful Soldier yesterday, but just got him back a few minutes ago. So have faith, he’ll return.

Mikhailovsky, I also got rid of my plant by mistake. When the order in which actions appear in a storylet changes, it’s quite dangerous to click absent-mindedly.