About Lodgings, Wounds and Nightmares, Devils

Hello, I like to ask about the 3 subjects: Lodgings, Wounds & Nightmares, and Devils

The game has a wide selection of housing. At present I managed to draw the card to buy the Smoky Flophouse. Should I buy it? It costs Apalling Secrets, I hesitate because I suspect it will be harder to get secrets late in the game. It would seem prudent to save up secrets instead of throwing it at a flophouse. The ultimate, best lodgings is a room at the Brass Embassy right? What are your thoughts?

For Wounds and Nightmares, are they are danger to my character? It has a been a bit chancy to keep Nightmare down. I have to invite people to confessions and I was lucky to draw a couple opportunity cards which brought Nightmares down. But should I be tiptoeing around Wounds and Nightmares?

In my efforts to try for the Room at the Brass Embassy, and I suspect the Devil route should be the more profitable one later in game, my character have been getting connected to Hell. Will there come a Point of No Return? Will my character at some time get in deep enough, he/she will be unable to repair relations with the side of Good (Constables, Church, etc)?

Secrets aren’t really something you can’t get later. Lodgings give you access to Certifiable Scraps. If you don’t care about those and you can already hold 3 cards in hand, then save your secrets.

Wounds and Nightmares are Menaces that slow your progress. Once you hit 8, something happens, but it’s not the end of the world. If you don’t know yet, it’s worth letting happen at some point to see that part of the story.

Connections are not diametrically opposed. Gaining in one does not preclude your gaining in another. Everyone can enjoy your company.

Definitely get the three card lodgings when you can afford them. You will easily replace the items you use to pay for them just by playing the game. The higher tier lodgings are a lot more expensive and it will take you a long time to be able to afford them.

The menace areas are interesting and two of them (death and New Newgate open up a couple of short stories in London). Going insane does damage your dream qualities but is worth experiencing at least once. Once you get some memories of light you go to a different area - The Mirror Marches, lots of interesting writing and not as damaging. I doubt very much if it is worth spending all your time and actions managing menaces and at certain points in the game you will need to go to the menace areas for various reasons.

Connections are not mutually exclusive, you can build them up as the opportunity arises. It does all depend on what kind of character you want to play.

As for the Brass Embassy being the ultimate lodgings - there are three high level lodgings - The Brass Embassy; Rooms at the Royal Bethlehem and Premises at the Bazaar. For scrap collecting having the premises at the Bazaar gives the most.


There is an exception to connections not being mutually exclusive. You’ve probably noticed that, if you’ve got two connections quite high, you might see a card presenting a conflict between the two and asking you to choose. These are usually optional, and, in fact, will build up both connections overall if you alternate between the options. One of them, though - the Criminals vs Constable card - is something of a semi-recent experiment, triggers at higher levels of connections, costs more connection points, gives greater monetary rewards, and - most importantly - isn’t optional. It’s entirely possible that the other cards will change at some point in the future to follow this model. At the same time, if that does happen, it’s entirely possible it won’t be very soon.

What are Certifiable Scraps? I think I got s little … are those the most rare item or something?

Certifiable scraps can be turned in for various items through the relicker cards. I find them very useful.

Certifiable Scraps are something you can trade to the Relickers. There are four of them and they turn up as opportunity cards.

The Capering Relicker deals in Infernal items; the Coquettish gives Rag Trade ; the Curt gives Rumour and the Shivering gives Wild Words

The more scraps you trade the higher value item you get.

I’ve got a question somewhat related to this topic: why is it that the “punishment” area for wounds is so much worse than the ones for nightmares, scandal, and suspicion? It takes far longer to get through, and nothing of use seems to come from it (no bonus storylets like the other areas grant). Have the devs said anything about this? I saw something in the “suggestions” page asking this very question and requesting it be changed, but it doesn’t seem to be getting very much attention.

There is a bonus story on the slow boat, actually - being a Courier for the Dead, or something like that. Not to mention playing chess with the Boatman, which some people make a hobby of. Does it take longer to get out of than the others? I’m sure someone’s run the numbers. It doesn’t have a luck-based back door like New Newgate, but you can bribe your way out (to a certain degree) like the Tomb-Colonies.

Edited to add: not to mention, you can always save up and buy some Hesperidean Cider, and then you never have to worry about it again!
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Also, chess is really really fast once you get to higher levels of Watchful; the other menace states take about as long as each other to get out of no matter what your level is, but death gets easier to escape the further along in the game you are

It may be fast at high watchful levels, but my watchful is 70 including bonuses, and I have just barely higher than a 50/50 shot each time I play chess, so it doesn’t help much. The opportunity cards decrease your wounds level so little that it takes far more of them to get out than it would just using the opportunity cards in prison or other places (even ignoring the luck-based ones). The first time I died, my watchful was far too low to be of use, and it took me more than one real-life day (actively playing and using turns as they became available) to get back from the river. Prison, insanity, and the tomb colonies never take more than a few hours. For higher levels, it might not be a big deal, but for lower levels, it is terribly unbalanced and a little frustrating.

Let me put it this way: I go insane and use the first opportunity card to decrease my nightmares. It immediately goes down from 8 to 7, just from one card. On the river, it takes me about EIGHT cards to go from 8 to 7. That’s insane.

Steady on; it took you 8 cards to go from 8 Wounds to 7 Wounds? That would mean that somehow you hit 8 Wounds and then progressed almost to 9 Wounds before actually dying. So, either you had hit some event that gave you a huge hit of Wounds - far more than a usual failure - or you were in some state where you could just keep increasing Wounds before the game realised you’d hit crisis point.

Let me give an immediate example, as I am currently on the river. My wounds was a little less than halfway between 6 and 7. I used one of the opportunity cards (remember the singing mandrake) and it decreased only slightly. Now it’s about 30% of the way between 6 and 7.

I don’t know off the top of my head exactly how many points are in each level of wounds, but the opportunity cards obviously don’t make much of a difference. (They all have about the same amount of effect.) It should definitely not be this slow, right? If your watchful isn’t high enough to win at chess, you can be stuck on the river for a ridiculously long time.

Here we go, this is my wounds after an opportunity card:

And then after the next opportunity card (remember the forgotten quarter)

That’s a very small decrease, and you can imagine how many of these cards it takes to get back from the river.

Sorry for hijacking the thread by the way, I thought maybe this question would have a quick answer, but I guess not! Oops.

Each level of a quality requires its own number of points to achieve - for instance, from 0 to 1 is 1 point, from 7 to 8 is 8 points, from 25 to 26 is 26 points. I believe this caps out at 60, at which point, progress more or less stabilises.

So, from your example, it looks like the option you’ve chosen has removed 1 or 2 points of Wounds. I’m looking over what I can find of the other Menace areas, and their options also seem to reduce 1 or 2 points of their respective Menaces - it seems to be pretty much standard across the board.

I’ll have to look into this myself, once I get back to the world. I’m confident it has never taken me so long to leave the other areas, and I usually rely on the opportunity cards to get out. I’ll see what I can find out just by testing it, if I ever get back from the river…

8 Wounds is 36 CP, right? So if each card you play decreases it by 2 CP it should only take 18 cards. A while, but not forever (even from 8). Just need to figure out which cards are the best to play, and keep the bad ones in your hand to avoid drawing them. :)

That said, I never let myself go into any menace area apart from the Tomb-Colonies anyways. It’s always too slow for my liking, and I have a character reason to never allow myself to die.
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Well, if those are your current Wounds, it’ll probably take between 10 and 20 cards!

It appears to be reducing by 1 CP, not 2. And I’m pretty sure it reduces by at least 2 or 3, if not more, in other menace areas. Like I said, I’ll check it once I’m able. I’ll keep track of how many cards it takes from 6 wounds, and then do the same with another menace.

EDIT: I just foolishly clicked an opportunity card remembering &quota certain hunger&quot and my wounds bar jumped back to halfway between 6 and 7. It appears to have added 3 points. Wheeeeee…
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It all sounds like a lot of grind. Question will asking friends to help heal the wounds be possible and effective? Between waiting for the right cards to show up and then play them, it can take quite a good while.