Abandoned Feast Poem

The Lyre or Erato assures it’s readers that this poem was not found anywhere near the Shuttered Palace.

I like murdering
And so do you;
Let’s hunt down your subjects,
Just one or two

Another abandoned poem.

Romance, romance,

throw me a bone

romance, romance,

be prepared and in the zone

romance, romance,

I’m stil

A bit of poetry that was in your head when you woke up this morning:

Do you dream of death by water?
Do you know what the thunder said?
Listened well to the fire sermon?
Or are you just asleep in bed?

edited by GuesssWho on 3/6/2018

A poem most certainly not found in the Shuttered Palace tunnels and which is not at all sticky with honey:

Roses are red
Your death mask is white
I’ll be your new Queen
When your wife’s gone tonight

The Exceptional Rose is red,
Absence is Gant,
I thought I could write
But really I can’t.