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Hello! I am Spector, I’m new to the forums and the IRC despite playing Fallen London for around two and a half years. Recently I started working on a Fallen London Conversion to Savage Worlds, and after getting enough done that I felt it was ready to pre-pre-alpha playtest, I did so.

This is that story. DUN DUN

The Party:

[quote=Poor Sods]Phoebe - A woman out on a quest to understand the Masters, specifically the rumored &quotMr. Eaten&quot. Brave to a fault.

Henry Martin - A poet, bored with the endless hazy days spent in the honey den, decides to adventure with his friend Richard. A talented Wordsmith.

Michael DeAngelo - a Summerset Scholar and a Gentleman of Society, of minor nobility to a family of renowned gunsmiths and left to seek the Neath’s Mysteries. Soulless.

Richard - An aspiring Monster-Hunter and Docks porter, tired of all the beasts plaguing London and taking up the offer to do something about it. Has a bit of a temper.
To pull back the veil, we’ve sure got an interesting set of people here.

Michael, through some Edge (think Feat) finagling, managed to start with an impressive 250 Echoes, and has a player with my favorite combination of things: A low tolerance for spookiness, a tendency towards big reactions, and absolutely no idea what he’s getting into. His quest for knowledge is as much for himself as it is for his character. I aim to provide. :3

Henry and Richard are both frequent players of mine, and made opposite characters. Richard is very much specc’ed for combat, and Henry is very much build for socializing. Not to much to say here, although Richard chose to arm himself with a Maul.

Phoebe is also another frequent flyer of mine, and was really fascinated when she read the Unaccountably Peckish write up I made. She wanted to know why Seeking the Name was so bad, and I told her very frankly. She would die, go insane, be thrown in prison, and then things would get bad. She immediately began building a character to Walk the Path. I intend to see if I can break her curiosity in the end.

So, guns and backpacks bought, the party was offered two contracts by the Department of Menace Eradication: Deal with a Jack-Of-Smiles bit of unpleasantness, or Chase down an individual whom attacked some Society ladies and fled to the Forgotten Quarter. After some deliberation, they went with the latter. At this time the Gentleman’s player met his Clay Man servant, and immediately fell in love with the Clay Man’s (named Clifford) very simple and servile attitude. Considering this was a basic Clay Man trait, I was amused.

So, with a clear way forward they…dawdled around for a bit, unsure if they should buy supplies to set up camp in the Quarter, buy different weapons, get lengths of rope etc. After that, though, it was time for Adventure!

Phoebe critically succeeded on the navigation roll once they were in the Quarter, and Michael made an impressive show in finding the miscreant’s tracks, so it looked to be a short endeavor. Suddenly, due to a clutch Notice roll made by Richard and Phoebe, they realized they were hunting in fairly close proximity to a party of Devils. After a hesitant and dread-filled goodbye to Clifford (as they realized the Clay man was unlikely to be able to sneak past) the party crept past the Devils with no particular issue.

They found the shack that the individual was hiding out in, and Michael strode boldly forward, Rifle in hand!..right into the sight of a crazed Seeker of The Name in the process of maiming himself. The shocked Michael was nonetheless able to pull off a surprisingly smooth headshot…with a poor damage roll to follow. Still, with the Seeker wounded but active, the party leapt to his defense. Richard was quickly inside, adding bruises to the Seeker’s scar-riddled body and bringing him close to death. Still, the Seeker mustered up his Resolve and delivered a savage cut to Michael, giving him a wound in return. Phoebe lined up a shot to finish him off…and missed. Henry, got wanting to risk hitting his allies with his poor shooting skills, simply took aim by the door.

Unfortunately for Michael, the Seeker went first the next round and dealt another two wounds to him, carving a bloody seven into his chest and nearly putting him on the Slow Boat. Of course, the party took care of him quickly afterword, and they decided to behead the man to make sure he was coming back. I chided the NPC Seeker in my head for going for the candles out of order, because I like to think I’m funny. :P

Searching the man’s shack, they found nothing. They found a doorway in the back that was closed and gave everyone bad mojo, but the Greed and Curious hindrances motivated Henry and Phoebe respectively.

They found a well, surrounded by flawed diamonds. Both of them stepped forward, and Phoebe entered a trance. Henry got his diamonds and ALL SHALL BE WELL AND ALL SHALL BE WELL AND ALL MANNER OF THINGS SHALL BE WELL. SEVEN IS THE NUMBER, AND THAT WHICH WAS PROMISED-

(Phoebe failed a Spirit roll. On the plus side, her journey has now begun.)

After she recovered, they promptly NOPE’d the **** out at the sight of a colony of Sorrow-Spiders coming for the dead Seeker’s eyes. With the danger behind them, they relaxed and reunited with Clifford…forgetting the devils from earlier and promptly running right into them. The Head Devil was very genial, noticing the batter with the Seeker and offering a head start before they began shooting.

Richard responded by acquainting him with his Maul.

Thus a short battle followed, with Head and Richard fighting while the two other Devils got into a shootout with the rest of the party, taking cover behind the Clay Man. Richard pounded into the Head Devil and was making good work of him, but it looked to be going very poorly very soon, so Michael used a prized Adventure Card (long story) to call in some support. A foursome of Campaign Vets came to the party’s assistance, and they managed to make it out of the Forgotten Quarter alive…

And I realized I needed to make Devils much stronger. :3

So that was the first session! I’m interested to hear if you all have any thoughts, and I have a request on top of that!

I’m looking for colorful NPCs, and was wondering if anybody was willing to lend me theirs along with a write-up for use in the campaign. I can use anything: Enemies, Rivals, Allies, Helpful People on the Street, Walking PSAs on the dangers of Honey Addiction, anything at all!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the report and that you have a nice day!

(PS. I’ll release the conversion when I’m more comfortable with it, right now it’s a collection of Setting Rules and helpful hints for me)

Sic the Struggling Artist on them across the City and beyond so they either bleed money or get Scandal everytime they even move an inch.

If your players haven’t played FL, consider adapting the Cheesemonger storyline for them - a healthy balance of talk and murder.
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If the group is comfortable with the amount of combat encounters, I’d recommend graduating from Menace Eradication to Mr Inch’s offer of Procuring Savage Beasts, and eventually to the Bishop for Southwark. Those are strong and fun NPCs, and may hook in well with the initial combat encounter with the devils.

It might be tremendously vain and narcissistic but I believe my Fallen London character might make a good addition for the team, if their story goes in such a way that it would lead to an encounter.

Lord William Masters, the Melancholy Lord, is a man with a singular purpose, namely to find the man who murdered his daughter and fled to London. A man of not inconsiderable skill or means, he would be more than grateful if the group were to find any information on the man who has so far eluded his grasp, and would repay their efforts in any way he thought suitable, be it with physical goods or favours.