A whispered name...

I am Matthew Jenner. It is true that I am only now learning the lay of the City. Nonetheless, I am quite capable. I believe that an arrangement betwixt us would be of mutual benefit.

I may be contacted by the below means.
edited by Matthew Jenner on 5/9/2012

Umm… what are you asking for?

I think it’s just a way of saying hi and inviting people to Follow on Twitter! I’d already send a Second Chance invite or two, wasn’t I stranded in Polythreme for the time being (and from the looks of it, it could take quite a long time before coming back to my cozy room at the Royal Beth. Why does Polythreme have to be so GRINDY? I mean, a complete cycle to be able to perform ANY action except going away? T.T)
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Frankly, I’m trying to figure out how in the Neath to contact and communicate with others in-game.

Follow them on twitter and let them follow you. They’ll be added to your friends list. :-)

Feel free to follow me! I’m cathyr19355 on Twitter.

Forsooth! You may add me as well. I started with being watchful but I have rounded myself out to surpass my weak points and obstacles. Seeking others to join me in possible deeds of virtue, wealth and secrets. :)

Follow me on twitter, I also do gaming news and videos @MeisterButtons ,

That shouldn’t be too hard to find.

That’s going to be trickier … ;-)