A Use for the Incarnadine Fur Robe

I came back to Fallen London today to discover a new storylet at the top of the page, titled &quotHo Ho Ho&quot, which requires the Incarnadine Robe from last year’s visitations. There are some interesting options, but I’ve so far been too cautious (afraid) to choose, as I feel that demanding anything from certain… entities cannot end well.

Has anyone been braver than I?

I don’t have any robe left over from past celebrations, but I am terribly curious - perhaps you could PM me a hint about what the options might be, and I can see if they ring any bells as well as simply indulging my curiosity?

Avatar - Yep! I went for the last of the options, and ended up with something really cool.

…there may be other outcomes of course. But it’s the (delayed) end of a storyline which cost you Fate, so it would be surprising indeed if it’s a trap.

Sir Frederick, it’s the same as the storylet you saw when you used the robe, albeit with at least one revised option. It’s become more obviously visible - presumably as a courtesy to chumps like me who’d completely forgotten they even had the thing.


Ahaa. In that case, I shall see it for myself in a few weeks. Revised options, eh? More treasures from the Bazaar’s vaults?

I’ll PM you something - don’t want to spoil the surprise for people who don’t have any idea what’s coming.

That was indeed very cool.

I’ve never seen one of the Masters referred to as “he” before. Aren’t they always “it”, even to each other?

The terms seem to be used interchangeably. I’ve seen ‘he’ several times, as well as ‘it’.

PM me! This is interesting.

me as well, if possible!

Me too!

Aaargh, I may have made this sound more exciting than it actually is. OK, I’ll be more explicit here.

If you have never had an &quotIncarnadine Fur Robe&quot, then be patient and enjoy the story unspoiled!

If you had one last year but don’t have it any more, then

[spoiler]presumably you traded it in. When you did that, you’ll have been given four options to choose from, plus a fifth one which was flagged up as being for characters who weren’t POSI. You were (as I recall) &quotstrongly advised&quot not to choose the non-POSI one, but instead to hang on to the Robe until later.

That last option is gone and replaced with a new one, which I think gives you a new reward. As I recall, it used to say you’d get a chandelier of some kind… what you get now is definitely not a chandelier.

I don’t know whether any of the other options have changed - I believe not, based on what I remember and something someone else said, but I don’t know for sure.

Disclaimer! I by no means know every object available in Fallen London, so don’t come after me if you spend Fate and it turns out the thing you get from the fifth option isn’t new after all. I can’t find it by Googling, though.[/spoiler]

I’ll also say that I absolutely love the &quotthing&quot. Not because it’s particularly powerful, just because it’s a funny idea with an entertaining story behind it. And no, I’m not going to put it on my mantelpiece… that would be an overt spoiler ;-)


I missed out on the Days of Mr Sacks Fate-locked content, so I don’t really want to miss out this one. On the other hand, I kind of want to wait till Jan to come around before I buy any Nex. Will the snowed-in storylet be still available?[li]

EDIT: just bought the Nex because I realised that I need to get to my lodgings before January in order to send out the last two Christmas cards. Oh well
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My character is not PoSI. The text on the reward screen for the Robe was awfully confusing, because it included item types I had previously only heard rumours about, and because one of the items claimed to be PoSI-only, while the other items did not claim such. I hope the text on the screen will be revided to be more tutorial-oriented in the future.

Sorry to necro this thread, but I received a fur robe today and realized, do I need to use this robe todayish since I’ll probably be doing the Sacksmas content that will get me one again in a few weeks? Is it limited to ownership of one robe much the same as the rat o glory?

Looking at maleclypse’s journal it looks like they used The fate-locked method to enter the cave in the Forgotten Quarter for the first time

There was someone on the IRC who had several robes from doing the same option you did, the Snowbound! content might be capped, but that’s exceptionally unlikely, if it did, that would be bug report worthy (on account of you paying for something and then not getting it).

You don’t need to use the Robe today, in short. Or worry.