A Truly Singular Accomplishment (Or Two)

I had an idea. A not particularly unique one, but an idea, one that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. In the same vein as the “singular equipment” thread, if your character had the ability to lay claim to an fantasy Accomplishment all their own (in their minds, anywho) what would it be? Feel free to imagine beyond the limits of such uncouth things like “game balance” and “canonical continuity”, “avoiding absurdity” and “sanity”. You can add the requirements for the Accomplishment, if you like. Add levels, too for extra fun times! I thought this might be a fun way to share the sort of person our characters have become.

My choice(s):

The animal-vendors wince at your approach, and the poor things cower. What madness have you brought upon them now?
Unlocks with 50 x popped weasels and Hedonist 5

Inexplicably Influential
They ought not to speak to someone who’s made such enemies. Of course, that means some can’t resist your company.
Unlocks with banished from the Court Mad, bad, dangerous to know, a Survivor of the Affair of the Box 80 and Connected: Society 150

Levels (Increases 1 rank for every 10 ranks of Connected: Society)
1: Surprisingly Sought-After!
5. Inconcievably Illustrious!
10. Fantastically Famed!

A Puppetmaster
Your hand, bit by bit, grips the Neath. For better, or otherwise.This may be the key to your future.
Unlocks with Aligned With a Faction: The Great Game, or Criminals, or the Masters of the Bazaar, or Hell, or Revolutionaries ,1 x Gang of Hoodlums, Empire’s Kingmaker 34, Subtle 10, A Fine Piece in the Game, 50 Connected Ranks in each major faction except the Masters of the Bazaar.
Levels (Increases 1 rank at Empire’s Kingmaker 35, and then every 10 ranks afterwards)

  1. Pebble Pusher
  2. A Nuisance to Some
  3. A Threat to Many
  4. An Urban Legend
  5. An Amateur Chessmaster
  6. An Expert Manipulator
  7. A Force To Be Reckoned With
  8. A Baron of the Shadows
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For those who might not know, the “singular equipment” thread refers to (I assume) The Masters’ Gallery of Singular Equipment :)

Thanks, I really should have specified that. :) Thanks pal.

Ninth Circle - You have betrayed someone who deeply trusted you. (This may ultimately be the key to your future)
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Aligned with a faction: The Masters of the Bazaar
You’re very close to them now. Very close. You speak in a high whistle, and you walk around cloaked and hooded. Are you going to replace someone?

Category: Weapon
The Name
You’ve found it. You know it. And, by God, you’re going to use it!
(Watchful +20, Shadowy +20, Dangerous +20, Persuasive -50, Dreaded +10)
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“Male, Female, Bandaged, Rubbery, Clay, Snuffer, Goat - they name it, you slept with. Hell and heaven, reality and dream. Anything that moves. Anything that doesn’t move. Even the Eaten. Even those that doesn’t exists. Just not babies and urchins, thank god.”

It’s going to take years on the boat. You are not sure will there even be a city for you to return to.
(Wound at 150+)

Expert Vacationer
You must really hate London.
(Wound, Scandal, Nightmare, Suspicion at 50+ simultaneously)


You can be drunk while in a honey dream in a honey dream in a honey dream in a honey dream in a honey dream in a honey dream in a honey dream in a hon… Oh wait, that jolt back to reality is going to be the Jolt of the Century. Or is that a honey dream?


The Neath is out of space! The Masters had to live in a attic room! There’s a clubhouse for Name-Seekers and it is overstaffed!
(Quality given to all players when player base exceeds a certain amount)


“A matter of luck; you are unlucky. A sure thing. Better luck next time. A long shot… but you might win. Or is it?”

Comprehensive Fate-Briber

“O filthy favored-by-fate one, of course you are welcome to my place! You can even… even drip water on the carpet!”
(The more players had this quality, the happier the staff will be.)
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