A truly remarkable restorative!

Not long ago, I requested aid after a distressing discovery: becoming a Person of Some Importance had left my traditional store-bought remedies for Wounds, Nightmares, and Suspicion a great deal less potent than before. Here, I turn around and present a remarkable finding I have made to this effect.

Be warned, however - the path is open only to those who have spent Fate and chosen the path of the Shepherd’s Timepiece rather than the Spirifer’s Fork!

The Soulless Messenger will on occasion present an opportunity to aid the C.V.R. through surrendering a number of accumulated Souls and/or Infernal Contracts. At the high end of this scale, you may prove your dedication through an offering of 1,000 Souls and 100 Infernal Contracts - easily earned through Unfinished Business. Completing this arduous task will award a great many benefits, including vast improvements to your connections with the Church, Society and the Constables, an increase in your Magnanimous quality, and the complete elimination of your Wounds, Scandal, Suspicion, and Nightmares. Truly a welcome boon - certainly I cannot imagine forty-and-one actions providing such an immense reduction otherwise!

Ooh, that’s quite potent. The Spirifer’s path has some nice rewards too; the ability to rake in almost 1.50 echoes per action at a relatively low level through Unfinished Business in Spite is handy. Still, the C.V.R. just got a lot more appealing…

If you just want the connection and not the restorative, you might want to do the 50 Soul + 5 Contracts instead - the reward provides no restoration, but give you 50 point increase for Society, Constables and the Church.

The 1000 Soul + 100 Contracts only give you 500 point increase in the connections, so you’d be only getting half the connection (but a complete restoration).

It’s really useful when seeking the name, too.

Ah…yes, my “hunger” for knowledge does run in that direction. At present, however, I am delving into the mysteries of Flute Street. So many strange and fascinating discoveries down there…